World’s only ESP that doesn’t charge you for emails opened

That’s our reward to you for sending relevant emails and keeping the email ecosystem clean.

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Our philosophy of free emails

Our Pricing is Simple

Start with our Forever Free Plan or upgrade to our Pro Plan to unlock additional features. Whichever plan you choose, all emails opened are free.

Forever free plan

  • 25,000 email credits free/mo
  • Daily limit 5000 emails
    (warmup required)
  • Single sending domain
  • SMTP & APIs, Live Reports, 24X7 Chat Support, Webhooks

pro plan

  • $0.20 per 1000 emails
    (no free email credits)
  • No daily limit on emails
    (warmup required)
  • No limit on sending domain
  • SMTP & APIs, Live reports, 24X7 Chat Support, Webhooks & Subuser Management
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$346 gets you 1,730,000 email credits + 363,300 earned email credits.
Pay as low as $0.17 per 1000 emails

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Real time reports

Real time reports

Efficient system

Efficient system

Web hook

Web hook

24X7 live support

24X7 live support

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Frequently asked questions

Can I start sending unlimited emails from Day 1 in Pro Plan?

Not immediately from Day 1. We strongly recommend a warm up plan to systematically scale your email volumes over a period of time. This helps build your domain reputation and improves email deliverability.

What do you mean by ‘earned email credits’ ?

You’ve worked so hard to get opens on your emails and we appreciate those efforts. For all emails opened, we credit back that many email credits to your account. These are called ‘Earned email credits’. These credits have lifetime validity.

What is the validity of email credits in Pro Plan?

The email credits that you purchase in Pro Plan do not expire. They have lifetime validity and you can use them as per your needs. Even the free email credits you earn when you send emails (earned email credits) have lifetime validity.

Can I buy dedicated IPs?

Pepipost plans come with shared IP addresses. However you can purchase dedicated IP for $20 / month. Please send an email to to request for dedicated IPs.