About Us

In early 2015, we started Pepipost with a single mission – to help developers and enterprises send transactional emails in the most efficient way and at the most disruptive pricing ever. Our mission has never changed.

How did it begin?

It all started over a cup of coffee, at one of those Friday buddy meets at our previous office. It had been a long and stressful day. A big client of ours was facing email deliverability issues. This was not a one off case. As developers, we spend late nights doing everything we could think to set the system right. But we knew we were fighting one giant monster. After all, a startling 85% of emails go directly to Spam. If there’s one thing that developers today look for, it’s having a reliable platform that ensures legitimate emails don’t get trapped in the spam folder.

What started as casual conversation quickly turned into big ideas. With the caffeine kicking in, we were all geared up to turn ideas into reality. Sending emails to the intended destination, the inbox became our mission. Thus was born Pepipost.

Our philosophy is to keep the email ecosystem clean by encouraging good sender practices. True to our philosophy, we came up with a disruptive pricing model of charging only for email not opened by customers. All email opens are free. Forever. That means, going by the average industry open rates, our customers get to save 40% of email costs.

It’s been an exciting start for Pepipost, and the journey has just begun.

How we grew into what we are today.

Take a visual journey of Pepipost Timeline.

pepipost timeline
pepipost Started brainstorming
JAN 2015

Started brainstorming and building the product

pepipost registered
5th June 2015

Registered Pepipost.com

pepipost beta product
July 2015

Beta website and product launched

pepipost first customer
23rd July 2015

We get our first customer, hooray!

pepipost at international Startup Tech Conference
August 2015

First time exhibited our product at an international Startup Tech Conference, got media coverage

pepipost mascot pepi
October 2015

Our mascot Pepi is born

pepipost Freemium works
November 2015

Freemium works, begins to show revenue

peipost at dublin summit
November 2015

Went to WebSummit Dublin where Pepi Mascot makes his first public appearance

pepipost John Sculley
November 2015

Former Apple CEO John Sculley visits our stall at WebSummit and was sold on the idea that we were selling

pepipost growth
December 2015

Exponential growth in revenue and volume, needed more hands, started hiring people

pepipost Rated by eConsultancy
January 2016

Rated by eConsultancy as one of ‘9 Startups that could revolutionize eCommerce efforts’

pepipost international partner
January 2016

We get our first international partner

pepipost scaling
March 2016

Scaled-up infrastructure, deployed servers in Europe as well

pepipost CEO
April 2016

We get our CEO

pepipost amazing throughput
July 2016

Achieved throughput of 10 million emails per hour per server

pepipost techinAsia
July 2016

Chosen as the top 4 startups by TechinAsia from the 124 exhibiting startups

pepipost smtp plugin
December 2016

We integrate with the world’s top rated WordPress SMTP mail plugin

pepipost top email software
January 2017

Rated as Top Transactional Email Software for small businesses

pepipost 10000 customers
March 2017

Cross the 10,000 customers milestone!

Our mascot Pepi is famous!

Pepi has won the love and recognition from across the world. People just love to dance and take pictures with him. Pepi has also attended many international events and stole the show at some prestigious ones like Web Summit and Tech in Asia. Here are some memorable moments.