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Artificial Intelligence in Email

If email is important to you and your business, this paper is a must read. You know, artificial intelligence (AI) is about to or has already changed your world. This paper an 20-page exploration of how AI and machine learning (ML) are evolving email delivery and a look at the future state of how it will continue to change the email channel.

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Get a quick introduction of AI and Machine Learning concepts and how they are being applied to email content and delivery

How AI concepts are helping with content selection, data segmentation, send time optimization, delivery optimization, reporting and analytics

How will AI continue to influence email in the future

Artificial Intelligence

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Pepipost is an API- and SMTP Relay-based transactional and marketing email service provider, with high inbox delivery and performance through combined human and artificial intelligence. We deliver 7+ billion emails every month for more than 20,000 customers globally. Our mission is to create a worldwide community of good email senders.