20th November 2019
11:00 AM IST
Balasubbhramaniyam Ayyaswaami

Balasubbhramaniyam Ayyaswaami

Sr. Growth Hacker & Email Expert at Pepipost

Ayush Verma

Ayush Verma

Growth & Email Expert at

M Sudhamshu

M Sudhamshu   Guest Q/A

Marketing Automation
Expert for E-commerce,
Netcore Solutions

    Do you know, by 2021 Global Retail eCommerce sales will reach to a whopping 4.5 trillion US Dollars!

    And make no mistake, emails as a marketing channel does wonders for targeting the right customers! But according to a survey of eCommerce brands, every 25 people out of 100 who receive promotional Emails unsubscribe from the mailing list.

    This puts on a further emphasis on retaining your current customers and ensuring that they keep coming back for more!

    In this Webinar, Pepipost's top marketers will cover topics that will get you to design an effective Email Program which will work wonders for your ROI, engagement and achieve high Email Deliverability.

    They will be talking about the different aspects of this program like designing specific campaigns to target audience for getting maximum eyeballs and building an unbreakable brand affinity.

    Also, how can you increase your engagement on these Email campaigns and send relevant content to the audience at the right time.

    We shall get into how new technologies like AMP are cropping up the Email Marketing landscape, leveraging which will provide your entire Email strategy a huge boost.

    So if you wish to improve your Email Deliverability or if you are a budding E-commerce brand and you wish to slay that Email game, book your spot for the webinar today!

    How do search engines work?Maximising ROI from Email Campaigns.

    The must-have basic hygienes' of your website.Targeted Marketing Campaign Ideas.

    The Growth Hacks that works.Using AMP for greater deliverability.

    How Pepipost can help you with your growth strategy.Derive Maximum Engagement from Customers.

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