What is SPF - Sender Policy Framework?

In simplest words, SPF or Sender Policy Framework is a form of authentication process which assures the Reciever that the mail was sent from an authorized mail server.Using SPF you can strictly state which IP Addresses are authorized to send emails from your Domain. While setting up SPF, which happens to be very easy; Domain Owner can add a file or record on the server which if need be the server's on the recipient's end can cross check.

Using this process the email receiver can make sure that the Mail thus received is intended for him from the right domain owner and the E-mail isn't forged.


What is DKIM?
DomainKeys Identified Mail

DKIM presents a business and enterprise side of Email Authentication. With DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail an organization or an enterprise can claim responsibility or a mail which is been sent by them which can then be validated by the recipient.DKIM is also a form of Email Authentication used on a large scale which uses "Public Key Cryptography".

How DKIM works is really simple as it adds a Digital Signature to the header section of an Email Message.

How Important is SPF and DKIM Authentication?

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