Samantha Shaji- The new Pepi is our team - Pepipost

Samantha Shaji- The new Pepi is our team

December 11, 2015

The Pepipost team is starting the new year out right with the addition of Samantha Shaji!


Samantha joins us from the land of arts which is completely non-technical, but will be rolling up her sleeves and diving into content writing and helping us in improving the customer experience at Pepipost.

She is really crazy, on the second day itself she interviewed the entire Co-founders team and said I am going to write on this. Hopefully, next blog will be her only.

Born and raised in Mumbai, a dream city for every Indians. She loves reading and writing. A sucker for great conversations, she finds inspiration in the stories and experiences of others.

You can follow Samantha on Twitter as @samantha_shaji or email at [email protected]

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