Sending emails must be free and easy

Our Philosophy

At Pepipost, we always believed that communication must be free, without hassles. This is the philosophy at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we came up with a pricing model in which you only pay for emails that are unopened by your customers. The emails that are clicked, opened, or engaged with are free. Forever. We promise.

Creating a better world of emails

When emails were invented, they were free. They also landed only in the inbox. At Pepipost we want to start it all over. We want to create the largest community of good email senders and make the email ecosystem clean.
Here’s the underlying idea of our philosophy.

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The First Email

Roy Tomlinson sends first commercial email in year 1971, and Communication becomes digital.

The First Email
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Email Takes Off

Phenomenal growth of personal computers, free web based email results in leads to mass mailing by companies

Email Takes Off
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Email Spam Begins

Unsolicited email is referred as Spam. More and more marketers begin to send batch and blast emails

Email Spam Begins
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ISPs Begin to Blacklist

ISPs begin to block unwanted, irrelevant emails to declutter customers’ inboxes.

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Mid 2000

Good Emails Not Spared

Crude inaccurate spam filtering meant even legitimate emails got trapped in Spam folder.

Good Emails Not Spared
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Late 2000

Email Delivery, At Cost

Birth of professional ESPs who started to charge companies for reputation building and cutting through spam

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Enter Pepipost

Pepipost starts with a mission to make emails free again. Encourages good email senders by not charging for email opens

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Good email senders from across the globe have joined Pepipost in building a clean email ecosystem

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How Pepipost is making emails free

PEPIPOST email credit

You buy emails credits

PEPIPOST email envelope

Send emails your customers look forward to

PEPIPOST email open

Emails are opened by your customers


Kudos! You are a good email sender


Earn cashback on all emails opened