Pepipost comes up with a 100 Million Idea -

Pepipost comes up with a 100 Million Idea

September 9, 2016

More. That’s the one word that gets us all moving. How do we get more customers to love Pepipost? How do we make our platform more secure? More scalable?

We at Pepipost always believed in doing more for our customers. When we started out, our disruptive pricing was the talk of the town. All emails opens are free. Nowhere was this heard of. (Psst: If this seems impressive, just wait till you hear the next big announcement). Our innovative email delivery platform with easy integration and disruptive pricing attracted customers from all corners of the world.

But like they say – it’s just not enough. Armed with the unprecedented freedom to explore and push the boundaries of what is possible, we set out to make Pepipost the most loved email delivery engine that is highly scalable, reliable and secure. Along the way, we’ve had our milestone moments – of achieving a throughput of 10 million emails per hour for a single client to getting the highest reputation scores for our IPs.

Good work sure pays off. The accolades we’ve earned kept us motivated to do our best and stay inspired.


And now the big news

Here it is. We are on track for exponential growth. We are so thrilled to announce the next big thing from Pepipost. Starting today, anyone who signs up for our transactional email service gets, hold your breath, 100 million emails free for a year. No kidding this! An offer like this must’ve never been heard in the email industry. The idea is to encourage good email senders with a robust platform that ensures legitimate emails don’t get trapped in the spam folder.

Like our CEO Tanishq puts it, “This is our most powerful investment in the future. Our focus has been to build on technology and infrastructure so as to expand our reach and drive operational efficiencies. With this one of a kind offer, we invite companies to try Pepipost and experience the fastest transactional email delivery platform.”


Our online chat is available 24X7 to help you with the offer. Alternatively, you can also write to

Please note that this offer is valid only for the first 1000 approved signs ups (signups whose sending domain is approved by our Compliance team).

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