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99.7% inboxing rate to
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Company Background And Challenge

Pocket Testament League (PTL) is a non-profit Christian organization founded in 1983 with branches all across the world. They distribute pocket-sized copies of the gospels to their members.

  • One of their main modes of reaching their customers is through email
  • The organization had implemented all the general advice about good emails, yet had a significant chunk of their emails in the spam boxes
  • The lack of prompt support on these issues from their existing email provider, Sendgrid, was one of the reasons they were looking for alternatives to Sendgrid.

How Pepipost’s Email Delivery Service Team Helped

PTL was looking for a few specific requirements to be fulfilled.
Here’s a summary of those requirements:

  • Gain higher control over deliverability, and also get assistance on improving their email reach
  • Always available support for all queries that might come up during the usage of the platform
  • Have complete visibility and tracking on how emails are delivered and received by their audiences

After gaining a proper understanding of the Pocket Testament League’s requirements, our team was at work 24x7 to delight our client!

Within the first week, we finalized an email strategy for the PTL team to execute over the coming months. We also worked with and advised them throughout the way on how to best execute the strategies.

Here is how we delighted PTL with our Strategy

Netcore Pepipost offered dedicated support to PTL to assist in solving all the issues they experienced prior to signing up with us.


Reliable Scaling

PTL had a large email list and our job was to provide them the right fit servers to handle their email loads.

Easy to Use Deliverability Tools

With Netcore’s AI-powered delivery gateway, it was easier for Ms. X to have more control and trust over their email delivery.

Email Expertise

Regular suggestions on improving email reach were something we prioritized.

Dedicated Support

Having a dedicated email expert assigned for their business, they were able to get relevant support very quickly.

Deliverability Tools Availability

Domain authentication and dedicated IP addresses helped with improving deliverability..

Monitoring tools

Tools like eDatasource were used by our email experts to provide PTL with insights into improving their email campaigns.

Email Strategy Consultancy

Netcore as an ESP, which is Pepipost’s parent company, has developed a good relationship with email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and many others over the years.

This helps receive detailed insights about email and spam trends thus allowing us to offer the right advice to avoid spam folders.


After the entire strategy was implemented, these were the numbers and improvements.

  • With Pepipost Delivery Engine, PTL had an overall Inbox Delivery rate of 94.7% in February and 98.7%, particularly in Gmail.
  • From the time of onboarding in September to January there was a 1% increase in Gmail deliverability which became 2% in February. The absolute numbers were very significant.
  • There was an overall 3% increase in inboxing across MSPs from September to January. This further increased by 2% in February receiving overall high email deliverability.

Open rates on average had been uplifted till September. By November,the open rates had doubled to what they were in July.

Open rates on average had been uplifted till September. By November,the open rates had doubled to what they were in July.

  • Our client was able to maintain a 92-93% inboxing rate, with very high inboxing to Gmail.
  • Most emails reached the “Primary” tab in Gmail!
  • There was a significant surge in hotel bookings and customer outreach
  • Achieved 2x higher deliverability and Click-through rate compared to SendGrid

Words from our Customer

We were planning a migration to a new email marketing automation system. So, we wanted more from our Email service provider, a partner we could work with to improve our ability to reach our members through strong deliverability.

We were able to find Pepipost to be the right fit as our partner. They monitor our deliverability and pro-actively reach out to us to alert us if they see something happening which might affect deliverability. More importantly, they work with us to understand how

we are communicating to determine what we can adjust to improve our reach. The service level from the Pepipost and Netcore team is unprecedented for tech companies. It is apparent that they care about your success.

Chris Taft

(Pocket testament League)

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