Diamond Candles Increased their with Netcore Pepipost Partnership


2X Revenue from
Online Sales

95% + Inboxing

Quick scale up
within a month

Company Background

Diamond candles is an online shop for selling fragrant candles. It is based in Durham, North Carolina.

From discovering a beautiful ring in a Ring Candle to exploring new fragrances, their products are designed to create a Diamond Moment worth sharing with friends and family. All the candles are made in their own factory in North Carolina with the best ingredients.

  • Email plays a crucial role in growing their online business and drives a majority of their company’s revenue.
  • As their email program expanded over the last year, they ran into some deliverability issues and switched to Netcore Pepipost. Netcore Pepipost provided a scalable platform and expert consultancy to help them run their email program efficiently.


Diamond candles uses marketing emails to drive their online sales as well as keeping their mailing list engaged with new product offers regularly.

Their email program was facing major deliverability concerns and their overall inboxing rate was down for the past 6 months. Almost 70% of the email list was receiving the email offers in spam and hence the revenue from online sales was dismal.

Their existing sending domain had email issues with no experts able to guide them. The email sending volume of DC was growing at a faster rate and they needed a scalable platform that could cater to their needs.

This is when they decided to partner with Netcore Pepipost to resolve their deliverability issues and give their email program a fresh start.


How Pepipost’s Email Delivery Service Team Helped ?

We had a round of discussions with DC team pre-onboarding on their marketing strategy, current issues, and KPIs to be worked on for the partnership to be fruitful.

  • Once the targets were chalked out, our team was on hand to provide DC with every kind of support they required, to turn their email program into a success.
  • DC could use the expertise of our customer success management and deliverability teams right from marketing strategy consulting to troubleshooting deliverability issues and pro-actively fix them. In addition, there was active customer support provided to the client in terms of technical issues.
  • Their legacy sending domain had to be changed as it had acquired a lot of spam history over the months from Mailbox providers and thus required a new sending domain to start the program from scratch.
  • We used the most active mail stream of the brand to start sending steady volumes in increment each day to build a reputation with the MSPs (Mailbox Service Providers). This led to a quick building of a good reputation and we managed to start their promotional stream in parallel.
  • Within a month we had scaled up their entire mailing list with excellent delivery rates and 95%+ consistent inboxing rate with improved open rates across MSPs.


In a month of on-boarding, we had scaled up their entire deliverable volume for their campaigns and achieved nearly double the open rates as compared to their legacy ESP.

Naturally, within a month of scaling up their volumes, DC doubled its online sales from last year.

The deliverability trend from January to April 2020 was as follows:


Following were the key achievements that our
team could provide Diamond Candles :

  • Fast scale up on entire volume was completed within a month
  • 2X revenue from online sales as compared to last year
  • 95%+ Inboxing rate maintained consistently
  • An efficient sunset policy was set up for the inactive audience and those users who have not responded to campaigns for a defined period of time have been removed from the mailing list. This has let to good list hygiene and greater engagement,

    The domain and IP reputations also improved due to increased engagement from the active users and hence this ultimately led to a boost in the brand presence as well.

    Their promotional emails are no more being filtered by MSPs and the email program is running smoothly.

    The deliverability consultants of Netcore were able to help A1 supplements ace the email game with their expertise and support!

    A1 supplements and Netcore Pepipost proved to be a power combination due to the following reasons:

    • Our client was able to maintain a 92-93% inboxing rate, with very high inboxing to Gmail.
    • Most emails reached the “Primary” tab in Gmail!
    • There was a significant surge in hotel bookings and customer outreach
    • Achieved 2x higher deliverability and Click-through rate compared to SendGrid


    Everyone has the same values and love for the customer. I have never experienced such hands-on and value-driven service from any other ESP. They are more invested in making our program a success from the beginning to the end, you just don't get that from anyone else. Everyone works together seamlessly, and if there are questions the entire team knows the answer.

    Josh Everett

    V.P. Operations
    Diamond Candles

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