Africa’s Leading Bank
Ensures Delivery of Transactional Emails within

2 Seconds & ImprovesThroughput Speed by 900X

<2seconds for
Email Delivery

95% email delivery
in less than
5 seconds

6x increase in
email volumes

Company Background
and Challenge

One of Africa’s top 5 leading banks with tens of millions of customers reached connected with us for their transactional emails. They process millions of transactions on a daily basis via their multiple platforms (USSD, POS, Apps). They had been using an internal SMTP setup for their transactional emails and experienced some issues listed below:

  • Latency - Their average email delivery time was about 30 minutes
  • Lack of visibility - Limited access to information about which users unsubscribed, increased their abuse rate
  • Higher bounce rate - With no email delivery tracking, they could not identify emails which bounced and continued to send emails to all users
  • Poor domain reputation as a result of the previous 2 points
  • Delayed account statements - End of month account statements took up to 7 days to deliver to all customers

How Pepipost’s Email Delivery Service Team Helped ?

Our team of email experts spent time with the stakeholders of the bank to understand their requirements. Here’s the summary:

We made notes of all of their existing issues, and expectations from our email service. We provided value by setting up a middleware infrastructure to pull up transactional data quickly. We then started with our proprietary warmup techniques to improve the domain reputation to ensure higher deliverability and reduce spam/abuse complaints.

The Bank was Delighted

We offered them the expertise and experience required to ensure superior email deliverability within the shortest time possible. Further, exceed their expectations by taking the necessary steps to improve their sending reputation.

These are the steps we took to execute our strategies

Reliable Scalability

our experience in dealing with billions of email deliveries every month ensured that our client could effortlessly go from a few thousand to a few million emails per day without losing delivery speed.

Easy to Use Monitoring Tools

The stakeholders had a complete view of the delivery statistics of emails include the delivery, open, click, unsubscribe, spam, and abuse reports.

Email Expertise

Their high volume of emails required specialized expertise that was readily available at our client’s disposal who provided the right answers when they mattered most.

Dedicated Support

We provided dedicated support to ensure they have the best email sending experience with us.

Deliverability Tools Availability

Administrative deliverability tools like domain authentication, dedicated IP addresses, and analytics which is integrated into Netcore’s product platform were readily available for use. Monitoring tools like eDatasource which were used by our Email Experts to monitor global statistics and then provide recommendations to the company based on the best use of Email for their business model.

Email Strategy Consultancy

Netcore Pepipost as an ESP has developed a good relationship with ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail over the years. This, in turn, helps us to share any valuable insights and predict how different ISPs will react to various sending patterns. This acted as a major advantage for Ms. X to adapt their Email Strategy to these nuances.

Key Result

Post scaling up their Email Program via Netcore Pepipost, and following the strategies of our Delivery Experts, our client observed an immediate boost in their email delivery speeds.

The bank now sends over 70 million emails per month with superior inboxing and lightning-fast delivery speeds.

  • An average transactional email delivery time of <1 seconds
  • 95% of the emails were sent out in under 30 seconds
  • End of month statements are now delivered within 24 hours
  • Volumes scaled up by 6x with average open rates exceeding 35%
  • Detailed reports on sent, delivered, opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes available real-time
  • Our client was able to maintain a 92-93% inboxing rate, with very high inboxing to Gmail.
  • Most emails reached the “Primary” tab in Gmail!
  • There was a significant surge in hotel bookings and customer outreach
  • Achieved 2x higher deliverability and Click-through rate compared to SendGrid


As an online retailer, A1 Supplements has to rely pretty heavily on the internet and email marketing to reach existing customers as well as retaining new customers. Netcore has been able to provide us with excellent customer service, re-marketing strategies, and targeting tools to ensure each customer receives a customized experience. Even though our company isn’t very large, with their help we have been able to give our customers a top-notch email marketing at unrivaled prices.

Nick Saliba

CEO, A1 Supplements

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