We know that changing email regulations cause all kinds of upheavals

It starts with database issues, preference centers, email design and even can impact our programs. But we also believe that email compliance is a good thing. Compliance guidelines and regulations mean less spam, plain and simple. Email compliance is created for the end user. This results in a better experience for both your customers and for consumers overall.

You need to understand what the changing email regulations and privacy laws mean. Plus, what could lie ahead. So, we’re giving you an overview of the current regulations across the US, Canada, and the European Union. We will update this section when changes occur.

Privacy laws will be going into effect throughout 2019 and 2020. Everyone will need to catch up with GDPR. You can expect local legislation as well, so hold tight - we're in for a ride!

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The European Unions (EU) recently launched legislation will impact all companies in the world if you sell to anyone who might be a resident of the EU.

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Get information on CAN-SPAM and what you need to know on compliance in the U.S.

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Canada released their own version of CAN-SPAM several years ago; find out what you need to know about marketing to Canadian residents.

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Remember, we’re all in this together!

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