Our email marketing is in a rut. Response rates are falling. Revenue stream is dropping. Waiting for somebody to notice and it won’t be long. Then multichannel came along, and now we’re connected to all these other channels, with similar messaging but the problem isn’t resolving itself. Everyone said multichannel would be answer.

Sound familiar? Get some help with our email marketing consulting team.

It’s a mistake to think that the email strategy that was put together a few years ago is still as vital now as it was then. Its likely things have changed – your audience, competitors, content, just to name a few. But things are busy. We had to deal with GDPR, and whatever other new compliance things will be coming. We had our busy season, but wait, where did the slow season go?

Here is a fact: Multichannel strategies don’t replace specific email strategies. The email channel has specific elements to it that aren’t replaced by others, not by everybody and not all the time. Your overall business and marketing strategies may be set at a higher level, but you will still need email strategies in place to keep your subscribers engaged and keep emails out of the spam box through good open and click rates.


We’re here to help. Our email marketing consulting team will assist you; meeting with you to understand your goals and objectives, reviewing your results, and getting the full download from you on your situation. We’ll come back with a high-level analysis and list of top line projects that we think would be a good starting place. Or we can be retained to connect with you on a regular basis to offer advice and assistance. Either way, we’re very excited to help!

Just give us some details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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