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Let’s look at some trends and statistics

Pepi’s Favorite Trends

14% of emails went missing in 2017
The overall global inbox placement rate in 2017 was 80 percent, a meager 1% increase over the previous period
(Source: 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report, ReturnPath)

Welcome to my world!
Welcome emails are astoundingly productive, with 320% more revenue mapped to them on a per email basis in comparison to other promotional emails
(Source: Easy SMTP, Thank you for subscribing. How to optimize your welcome emails Infographic)

Spam still finds its way to Inbox (sadly)
There is no change in the average number of legitimate business emails received per day since 2015, however the number of spammy ones that detour security filters (spam email that hits your inbox) has increased from 12 emails/day in 2015 to 16 emails/day in 2017.
(Source: Radicati, Email Statistics Report)

Track ‘em down
As per DMA, the four most important email marketing metrics (as identified by advertisers) are: Click Through Rate(CTR), Conversion rate, Open rate, and ROI.
(Source: DMA Insight, Email Marketing Tracking Study)

Are your buyers Millennials and teens? Think email, along with SMS
Adestra in the UK found that 73% of millennials and 68% of teens choose email as their preferred mode of communication with a company.
(Source: ClickZ, 3.29.16)

It's not "best" but certainly best for the email response
After studying 350,000 email threads, 'thanks', 'regards' and 'cheers' are the 3 best closing lines for better response to emails
(Source: Boomerang, 2.1.17)

Get your triggers in place!
Triggered email drives 624% higher conversion response for the same number of sends as compared to batch and blast emails
(Source: Blueshift, 10.14.16)

Mobile email isn’t just for business people anymore
B2C emails get 47.8% more opens on mobile devices than B2B email.
(Source: DDMA “Nationale email benchmark 2018” (2018)

Too much email and I am gone
78% of consumers have unsubscribed from emails because a brand was sending too many emails
(Source: HubSpot Marketing Statistics)

Women prefer tablet devices with 18% conversions, in comparison to 13% for men
A point to ponder on for businesses who target audience based on demographics, devices, etc. Both genders show equal chances of converting from an email opened on a desktop. However, men are more likely to convert on mobile phone and women on a tablet.
(Source: Liveintent – “Email Everywhere: Adapting to the Mobile Nature of Email Q1 2014 Report” (2014))

Best days to send email
Thinking of restructuring your email campaigns for 2018 but don’t know what day or time should to choose?  The answer is always “it depends”. Your audience will drive the best open times, which means you must test and optimize to find your best time. And then never tell anyone, or your time will be sure to show up on a website like ours, and then it won’t be a good time anymore ?

Keeping it short and sweet?
Emails with 50 to 125 words content have the best open rates, just above 50%
(Source: Boomerang)

Industries with the best inbox rates in 2017
Banking & Finance, Distribution & Manufacturing, and Travel marketers had the highest inbox placement rates of all industries, each achieving average inbox placement rates of 90 percent or more.
(Source: ReturnPath 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report)

Yes, your customers want your offer, but on email
Study shows that user do want to get notified/updated about offers that companies are running and prefer an email over SMS, app notification and other channels.
(Source: Adobe Blog, 8.29.17)

Judging an email by its packaging
69% email recipients report email as 'Spam' based solely on subject line, 43% based upon the “from” email address.
(Source: Convince & Convert, 15 Email Statistics)

Inbox full? Just get another email address!
30% of subscribers change their email address annually.
(Various Sources)

Your customers use Gmail? It's time to start thinking “mobile experience”
75% of Gmail users access their account via mobile
(Source: Sundar Pichai, Google, reported by TechCrunch)

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