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    45% of all emails sent is spam out of which only 36% of the emails are advertising.

    It is very much possible that your important interview confirmation, candidate selection, outreach, job scheduling, and other emails could land up in the spam.
    The simple solution to avoid being in these spam folders is setting engagement rules. This prevents candidates who do not engage for a set period of time from receiving emails, or from receiving frequent emails.
    You can also incorporate these best practices to avoid the spam filter.


    Types of Emails Every Job Site should be sending

    Only 18% of surveyed marketers are using triggered emails and triggered emails get upto 45% open rates.

    Sourcing emails

    Sourcing emails are the trickiest. Your emails to potential candidates need to be deft and direct, if you want them to consider your job opportunity .

    Cold emails

    To communicate with passive candidates, a brief email explaining how you found them and why you want to contact them is usually a good place to start.

    Interview emails

    When you’re inviting candidates to an interview, there are specific details you should include, like the interview date and place, the name(s) of the interviewer(s) and how long the process will take.


    Application emails

    During your hiring process, you’ll probably need to exchange various emails with your applicants.

    Job offer

    Your job offer email should aim to inform your new hire about all necessary job details that will help them make a decision.

    Warm emails

    If you share a connection with the person you’re emailing (e.g. if they are a past candidate or a referred candidate), you can use this to your advantage.Pique their interest with a genuine, personal message; don’t just hope they’ll get hooked on your name-dropping.

    Use Send time Optimization - For Greater Engagement Rates

    Job boards have achieved a 19% CTR, 8% increase in open rate and 7% decrease in unsubscribers after implementing send time optimization

    The ‘whenever’ blast

    The “whenever” blast is convenient, “when I feel like it” email. It’s probably fine if you are sending an email that someone is expecting.

    The ‘best guess’ email

    You need to send an email at an ideal time, so you guess, a candidate might be at work at 10 am in the morning, so the best time would be maybe 8 pm. You may be sending this email on a Monday at 8pm or Thursday at 6pm, basically, you’re just using your best guess.

    The ‘list optimized’ blast

    A List Optimized Blast is delivered at a single time, but a time that is optimized based on data to the peak engagement time for the list.

    Finding the top delivery time for an email list has been shown by multiple studies to increase open rates by as much as 22%, so putting some time into finding the ideal send time for your list is likely worth the effort.

    The ‘Timezone Optimized’ blast

    You may have various candidates sitting across different timezones. Timezone sending attempts to solve this problem by breaking your list down by each user’s estimated time zone, and then delivering your message at your selected time in their own timezone

    Personalized Delivery - Precision Email

    Personalized Delivery is the holy grail of send time optimization. Using machine learning, send time optimization allows a sender to make sure each individual receives their email at the time they are most likely to engage. The sender chooses a window of between 12 hours to up to 7 days if the delivery time is flexible, and each email is delivered at the optimal time for each subscriber, whether that's Tuesday at 10 am, or Saturday at 8pm.

    Taking Care of Email Sending Reputation

    Your email sender reputation is a score that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to your job boards based on the performance and relevance of your emails. It’s a crucial component of your email deliverability.

    Domain Reputation

    Domain reputation is quickly becoming the ultimate factor in email deliverability. It is greatly affected by what you’ve done in the past and who you interact with. It plays a major role in your email deliverability and is a major factor to be considered while calculating your sender score.

    IP Reputation

    Your job board’s IP reputation depicts the quality of its email sending environment. A positive IP reputation is a valuable asset and must be protected. This means monitoring the reputation of your systems, public IPs and IP reputation of those who interact with you.

    Content Reputation

    Your content score is calculated by using traditional email metrics such as unsubscribes and spam reports. The sender score is on a scale from 1-100; the higher the better. You need to make sure your content is relevant to your audience for higher scores.

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