Integrate Pepipost With phpBB

Your phpBB website has the ability to send emails using a SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) service provider Once you have configured SMTP, you will be able to send email notifications via Pepipost. Simply navigate to Client Communications > Email Settings in the admin panel and configure the SMTP Server Address, Port and Authentication Method. You also would have to provide the Pepipost username and password to connect with our SMTP Server remotely.

We have outlined the detailed steps to integrate Pepipost with phpBB forums

Pepipost Logo + Pepipost phpbb Integration

phpBB supports sending email over SMTP. To have phpBB relay email through Pepipost, follow the below steps.

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Step 1:

Login to your phpBB and click on “ACP” to navigate to the admin control panel, as shown below:


Step 2:

Go to Client Communication > E-mail settings in the admin panel and enter the following settings:

Use SMTP server for e-mail – Yes
SMTP server address –
SMTP server port – 587
Authentication method for SMTP – PLAIN
SMTP username – Your_Pepipost_Username
SMTP password – Your_Pepipost_Password
The following image shows these settings: