SugarCRM is a widely used customer relationship management software. As they explains, Sugar is designed to help your business communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals and keep customers happy. Thousands of successful companies use Sugar every day to manage sales, marketing and support.” Since Pepipost’s become synonymous with optimized deliverability of transactional email to the inbox, some of our customers have asked us how they can send mail from their CRM software through our service so those emails can also be optimized for deliverability to the inbox. If you’re a Pepipost as well as SugarCRM customer, let’s get into how you’ll go about doing this!

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Step 1:

To send emails from SugarCRM using Pepipost, you may use the SMTP Authentication Support module or the Swift Mailer module depending on your needs.

Customers willing to integrate SugarCRM with Pepipost to deliver their email marketing campaigns to end recipients can easily make a few settings changes within their SugarCRM account. Just navigate the following on the SugarCRM site: Admin > Email Settings.


Step 2:

Choose “Other” as the Email provider > Enter required server info as follows:

SMTP Hostname: ssl:// or tls://
SMTP Username: [your Pepipost account’s username]
SMTP Password: [your Pepipost account’s password]
SMTP Port: [25, 2525, 587 or 465. We recommend port 587 to avoid any rate limiting that your server host may apply.]

Once these changes have been made within the Email Settings page within your SugarCRM account, all outgoing mail from the application will be routed to Pepipost so we can send it to your end recipient.

SugarCRM outlines this process in more detail in the SugarCRM support documentation.