Integrate seamlessly with Open Source Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing was, and still the most powerful and cost-effective medium to reach out to your customers. There are many commercial and a few free, open-source email marketing tools available in the market.

While it always looks lucrative to use a free service, that comes with additional responsibilities too.

One good thing is, there are not many open source email marketing software available in the market. So, this reduces your research time to evaluate the best.

Recommending an Open Source Email Marketing service comes with certain responsibilities. On one-hand we support integrations with certain open source email automation platforms for your email marketing needs. It is important for you as a user to know what metrics are we doing the same.

So essentially there are three important metrics: 

1. Responsive community

The success of any open-source software depends on how responsive its community users are, how actively they are contributing to enhancing the software, when was the last release happened and so on.

2. Speed of Sending Emails

If the size of the email list is just a few thousand, then this factor might not troubles you. But, on the other hand, if you’re a power user with list size in multiples of thousands/ a few million, then definitely this point can impact the performance of your email campaigns.

There are open-source software which can’t deliver more than 10–20k emails/hour, so if you’re an enterprise-grade email sender with requirements of sending millions of emails every hour, then the default version of these open-source software might not work. In such cases, you should look for community support, because there might be already solutions or optimisations available for your problem.

3. Support for Basic Email Marketing Features

Depending on your business requirements, you should first evaluate what exactly you’re looking for in your new email marketing tool.

You don’t have to necessarily choose a complex tool with hundreds of feature, instead focus on your requirements and how the tool can help in enhancing those. There are a few basic email marketing features, which every email marketer look for; this consists of features like-

    1. Uploading and managing bulk email lists
    2. Ease of creating responsive email templates with the help of a Drag n Drop Editor
    3. Scheduling email campaigns 
    4. Tracking the email performance like the delivery rate, the number of emails opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and spam.
    5. Creating autoresponders and rule-based followup automation.

Based on some of these fundamentals, below is the list of recommendations for Free Best Open Source Email Marketing Software:


License: Mautic is released under the GPL v3.

The future is of having cutting edge marketing automation tools which are integrated with open source technology. And, this is what Mautic is all about. When it comes to marketing automation, Mautic is one of the leaders in this space. What I liked the most about Mautic, is its community.

Having strong community support is very important when it comes to the adoption of any open source technology. And, this is where Mautic leads the race with more than 200,000 organisations using it. You can download the latest version of Mautic from its official git repo.

Before choosing any open source software, please consider checking the GPL license on their website or repo. Don’t mistakenly consider the free version of commercial software as an open-source, unless their code is under GPL.

Mautic Installation Guide


License: Mautic is released under the GPL v3.

Mailtrain is completely open-source, you can download the code directly from their official git repo. The UX and UI of the product are quite cool.

The entire code is written in NodeJS, making it more scalable. In order to run this software, you need at least a 2GB RAM machine, and by doing certain tweaking with the connection settings, you can upload around 100,000 records in 20 mins and email sending speed of around 100,000 emails in 50 mins.

This can be further optimised by increasing resources.

Mailtrain Installation Guide

Migration Guides To Switch Between APIs

In case you’re looking to switch from some of the other email vendors like SendGrid , Mailgun and Amazon SES. don’t worry we have the migration guides and API ready.

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