What makes us a good email delivery service

Deliver success with your email program. We have just the right features for you.

Choose how you want to send mails

Sending emails should be easy. We have 2 options for you – SMTP relay and Web API. Whichever way you choose, rest assured emails get delivered in a flash.

Choose how you want to send mails

Easy, flexible and scalable

Our infrastructure is designed to scale with your business. High or low email volumes, our servers are flexible to meet your demand and ensure high inbox delivery.

Easy, flexible and scalable

Data security, our top most priority

You can rely on us with your business critical emails. We don’t store your emails and use email protocols like SSL & TLS encryption to protect your data.

Data security, our top most priority

Precise, actionable real-time reports

Know exactly when your emails are sent with Live Status and monitor metrics the way you want using our customizable dashboard. Everything is in real time.

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Precise, actionable real-time reports

Get notified in real-time, automatically

Be in sync with your subscribers’ activity and get real-time HTTP POST call-backs when any email event, such as email delivered, opened or bounced occurs.

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Get notified in real-time

Receive bounce notifications in real-time

We suppress email hard bounces as they occur and send an automated message so you can monitor bounces at your end as well.

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Receive bounce notifications in real-time

Much easier and faster to get started

Easily integrate Pepipost with the apps and platforms you are already using and start sending emails. No hassle. No code. Just connect using our ready-to-use plugins.

Much easier and faster to get started

Create and manage Subusers

Simplify account management, add upto 15 subuser accounts for different sending domains and allocate individual email credits to each subuser.

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Create and manage Subusers

Earn Cashback on emails opened

You’ve worked so hard to get opens on your email and we appreciate those efforts. For all emails opened, you earn cashback that's discounted in next month's bill.

Earn Cashback on emails opened

Support with conversations, not tickets!

You’ll find our self-help documentation very useful. If you still have any queries, we are just a chat away! Our developers try and resolve in real-time, keeping response time minimum.

Support with conversations, not tickets

Start with our forever free plan

The best way for anyone to get started. Create your free account and get 30,000 email credits free every month.


Our Product Roadmap

It’s incredible how complex building a product can be. Here’s a high level look at how we built Pepipost to what it is today and the upcoming product releases.

Pepipost beta is launched May 2015
Integration with PayU Sep 2015
Introduction of Tags Nov 2015
Major bug fixes Dec 2015
New data centers added Jan 2016
Domain management simplified Feb 2016
Launch of Online API Explorer March 2016
No more a Beta product Mar 2016
New feature launch: Bounce notification Jun 2016
Introduction of Fast Track Domain Approval July 2016
New feature launch: Custom/White labelled envelope August 2016
Feaute enhancement: Webhooks Sep 2016
Major bug fixes and customer feedback incorporation Dec 2016
Integration with WP SMTP Dec 2016
New feature launch: Real time reports Jan 2017
New feature launch: Subuser Management June 2017
Pepipost Live Status June 2017

Like most of the startups we also started with a Beta launch. While we worked on bugs and performance issues before we went live with an official release, we wanted customers to experience our application and make user-led modifications to existing functionality.

We partnered with Paypal to process payments online easily and securely. With Paypal not supported in some countries, we integrated with another payment gateway PayU to ease the experience of our customers from India and other regions.

You can now add tags and create categories when sending emails through API or SMTP. Tagging allows you to organize and manage your emails better. Read more

We are agile and never wait to incorporate feedback. Enjoy our latest update where we have fixed some of the major bugs and improved our app to provide you with a seamless user experience.

Scalability and Reliability are key features most businesses look for when they sign up for an ESP. We deployed our product on a distributed architecture at various data centers to reduce the latency and increase the availability of the services across the globe.

We have simplified the domain configuration process. In fewer clicks you can add your TXT and SPF records and start sending emails from Pepipost. Our enhanced domain management dashboard cuts short the time taken to validate and authenticate a domain.

We got lot of customer asking, ’Can I test API without even doing any integration?’ We are happy to announce that the answer now is "Yes". With the launch of Online API Explorer, you can test API calls using your account credentials. Here is the link to our Online API Explorer

1 Year, 150+ releases, 92% Positive feedback, No.1 in customer satisfaction. We are now all set to go out of beta and full version Pepipost is launched.

We’ve always suppressed your email hard bounces. Now we go a step ahead and help you monitor these bounces in real time. You will now receive bounce notifications over email in real-time. You can build in-house programs to auto-suppress the bounces at your end.

You spoke, we listened. We’ve introduced a new feature ‘Fast Track Domain Approval’ to cut short domain approval process from 24 hrs to just an hour's time. You simply have to answer a couple of questions about your domain and email sending and we’ll take it up on priority. Read more

This launch will help in increasing the reputation of your sender domain. By white labelling the envelope/return path domain, you can increase trust and build more positive reputation with ISPs. Read more

We process millions of webhooks request at a time, hence it is very important to optimize the module to avoid any type of latency issues in future. Our new advanced Webhooks 2.0 is enhancement to the feature wherein we have introduced the concept of bulk processing to reduce latency. Read more about new Webhooks here

Enjoy our latest update where we have fixed some of the major bugs and improved our app to provide you with a seamless user experience.

Pepipost is now WordPress ready. If your application/website runs on WordPress then simply download and integrate WP MAIL SMTP or Pepipost WP plugin to start sending emails.

The world is all about real time communication. That’s what your customers expect from you too. We’ve now made email reporting in real time. Right from email delivery to reporting- everything is going to be real time at Pepipost so you can better serve your customers.

June 2017 – New feature launch: Subuser Management This feature empowers you to manage the email activities of your different business units together under one master account. Subusers share the same overall credit pool but have their own unique SMTP credentials, settings, statistics, and site login. Read more

June 2017- Pepipost Live Status Your customers expect application emails to arrive immediately- not eventually. And because transparency is the DNA of our company, we share with you Live Status where you can check the health of the Pepipost Infrastructure and know exactly when and how we deliver your emails. Check out our Live Status

Think something’s missing on our product roadmap?

Your feedback helps us immensely. Share what you think must be added to our roadmap to make your experience with Pepipost awesome.