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There are instances when the email you want to send falls outside the range of your domain. At such a time, SMTP cannot function all alone. It must take the help of a tool that can handle the transfer of an email from one domain to another. This service is performed with the help of SMTP Relay. The normal SMTP does the function of picking up the email from the sender’s end and uploading it to the SMTP server. The SMTP Relay function then transfers the email from the sender’s server to the receiver’s server from where the regular SMTP services commence again.

When is SMTP Relay used?

SMTP Relay is used automatically. It does not require the involvement of the sender or the receiver. It is not used when the emails are to be sent within the same server. In cases where multiple servers are involved, SMTP Relay automatically comes into operation to speed up the process of sending emails beyond servers.

It is even used to send a large volume of emails. To ensure that your marketing emails or transactional emails are sent correctly, you can take the help of Third Parties. They are trusted parties who expertize in relaying emails to ensure that they are delivered to the right address and faster than regular email procedures.

Reducing Spam with SMTP Relay

SMTP Relays can also be used to limit the number of emails sent and received. It can be used to automatically list an email as spam if it comes from a source that is known to send unusual bulk emails or an unusually large number of emails. There are times when peer-to-peer email servers also experience failures. Therefore, using SMTP Relays ensures that your emails are delivered successfully, despite the restrictions that are placed by various providers.

Different Server Email Problems can hamper the smooth functioning of your business. If there is a server error that you cannot control, and it stays for a long time, you can take the help of Third Parties that offer SMTP Relays. Besides ensuring that your emails reach faster, they also provide added benefits that can be used to grow your business rapidly. However, you should make sure that you choose only popular and trusted Third Parties who do not cause a data breach or else you will risk losing your customers.

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