Opt-in Email

The opt-in email refers to bulk email, such as a marketing or newsletter that is sent out to a mailing list where every member of that list has actively given you permission to send them the email. Without obtaining this permission, your email is likely unwanted or unsolicited and is liable to be marked as spam by the recipient or be “bulked” by the receiving mailbox provider (i.e. delivered directly to the spam folder).

It is a safe way to build email lists and trust with your subscribers. Opt-in emails are more effective and ethical as they don’t clutter your recipients inboxes and enhances your reputation, since the recipients won’t mark your emails as spam.

Opt-In emails are targeted and contain personalized content about specific topics or promotions that users are interested in.

There are two types of methods:

Single Opt-In:

Single Opt-in is a simple method wherein a recipient fills your sign-up form with their details, hits submit and their information is saved to your email list.

This method is an easy and quick way to grow your email list and helps in streamlining the sign-up process.

Double Opt-In:

Double Opt-in means that a subscriber has actively confirmed their subscription. This is typically done by signing up for emails via a form, checkbox, etc and the second step is when the recipient responds to an automatically- generated verification email, confirming that they wish to receive emails from you in the future.

The basic advantage of a Double opt-in process is that you will know if the given email address is valid.