Email API Integration

An Application Programming Interface (API) connects two software programs with one another to synchronize and exchange data, to make uses of their services, resources and interact. In email marketing, an API is used to integrate your platform and marketing or CRM Tools with your Email Service Provider. For example, if there is a user registration on your website and you want to implement this with registration email subscription, Pepipost can help you with that. The main use of API integration in emails is to make automation of certain tasks possible. For instance, if you sync your ESP with your app/ website you can automatically remove emails with spam complaints. Depending on your ESP you can use different types of APIs to automate different functions and synchronize data.

Email API’s are the most efficient way to send and manage email notifications and transactional email messages.

Some examples include:

  • Password resets

  • Shipping notifications

  • Account creation notices

  • App error messages

  • Suspicious login notification

For easy Email API Integration, check our range of Web and SMTP APIs for both transactional and marketing emails.