Click-through rates (CTR)

CTR stands for Click-through rate. Along with open-rate, it is one of the critical metrics used to measure the efficacy of your email marketing campaign. The formula for calculating CTR is quite simple.

CTR = (Number of unique clicks / Number of emails opened ) * 100%

Let’s take a simple example to understand CTR. Let’s say that you send out a email marketing campaign to 100 recipients, and of those 100 email’s, 40 recipients open your email. Let’s assume that we get 10 unique clicks from those 40 opened emails. This would give your campaign a click-through rate of 25%, since 10 clicks divided by 40 opens equals 0.25 multiplied by 100.

Why is CTR important ?

Click-through rates help determine the relative success or failure of an email marketing campaign. CTR being a metric that resonates with engagement, the higher the click-through rate, the more engaging or more successful an email campaign is. CTR’s vary from sender to sender and there is no industry benchmarks. SmartInsights has collated some data related to CTR across multiple industries, countries and ESPs. However, there is no standard value for what constitutes an ideal click-through rate for transactional emails.

What are the factors that influence click-through rates?

There are many different factors that can affect the CTR of an email such as the type of email being sent, your company’s industry, how frequently are your sending emails or when you are sending emails. We believe that these 3 factors can significantly improve your campaign CTR’s:

Campaign content: Your email message should be concise and communicate your campaign value proposition. To improve click-through rates, you need to make minimal use of images as they would take up significant email load times. Try and convey your message via text in not more than three to four sentences.

Sending frequency: You need to be consistent with your sending frequency and live up to the promises that you’ve made. For e.g. either stick to a weekly newsletter schedule or to a monthly schedule and inform your recipients as to when they should expect an email from you. Sending timely emails with a consistent frequency should upwardly impact your click-thru rate

Email Design: The fonts you use, the email template you choose or the color schemes that you use across your email campaigns should have a common design language. Make sure that you bring in consistency of design across all emails in your campaign to improve email CTR.