When it comes to sending emails or messages, spam is one of the most common terms. In simple terms, it refers to an unwanted email or message.

It is easy for users to mark an email as spam to avoid receiving its notifications or seeing it in the inbox. However, it can hamper the growth of a business and its email marketing. There are some common reasons behind an email being marked as spam.
They are:

Improper authentication

While you are sending an email with the help of a third party to your clients, their emailing server might not be a trusted or popular one. When the server is not properly authenticated, the SMTP at the receiving end identifies the email as spam and does not let it reach the primary folder of the email

The rate of complain is high

You might be sending too many emails to the clients. You might not be responding to the customer emails properly. When your complain rate is high or when you flood your customers with too many emails, they might start marking the email as spam

Unavailability of unsubscribing option

The authentic business sources always keep an unsubscribe option at the end of their emails. This allows the receivers to opt out of the email subscription anytime if they do not find the emails relevant. However, if your email has no such option, the customers will mark it spam to avoid receiving it in the future

Not choosing the correct user for sending email

Try to analyze the browsing or shopping pattern of your customers on the website. This will help you send relevant emails to your customers. When the emails are relevant to your customers, they will not mark your emails as spam. Moreover, sending relevant emails would help in growing the business faster.

Improper content

Try to frame the content of your email with caution. It should be to the point, and all the links in the email should work properly. If the customer finds something fake or suspicious in the email, they will report it as spam even though it was just a minor error on your part.

Keep these tips in mind about spam emails. Try to avoid the above mistakes or you will end up losing the efficiency of your email marketing and ultimately lose your customers.
If you are taking services of a third party for this, monitor activities and results at regular intervals.

Also, you can check on your own if emails from your domain are landing in Spam - Email Blacklist Tool

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