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It is important to take care of spam emails. You need to identify and stop them at the earliest so they don’t obstruct your workflow. When the number of spam emails increase, you often need to take the help of Spam Traps.

What is a Spam Trap?

Spam Traps are often referred to as “Honeypots.” They are email addresses that are created by the Internet Service Providers. Their main purpose is to attract spam email addresses and find their source. This helps in updating the spam email address list so that the spam filter can function properly.

Damage caused by spam traps

Spam traps are very harmful to the email senders. They can have an uncompromising impact on the business and can considerably reduce the scope of your email marketing. Following is a list of the damages caused by spam traps:

  1. The reputation of the sender can be destroyed if the email is caught even once by the spam traps. This can happen with the increase in the bounce rates of the emails
  2. The IP address can be added to the list of blacklisted data. This might cause problems in sending other emails as well
  3. If you are listed as spam by one of the major internet service providers, your email address can be permanently banned from sending emails

Review and Recovery out of spam traps

If your email is stuck in a Spam Trap, it is still possible to get out of it. You will have to solve the issue as soon as possible otherwise your online business will soon see a downfall. This review and recovery process involves:

  1. Scanning your email subscribers list. Find out all the ways in which the data has been added. Make sure that the data has only your genuine customers and no third parties because third parties are more likely to be spam traps
  2. Check the settings of the mailing list and find out the time gap between the emails being sent. If bulk emails are being sent, they need to be regulated properly
  3. Classify the emails on the basis of the browsing habits of the customers. Find out the customers who click the relevant links on your website and modify your email sending preferences accordingly

It can take a few weeks to get your online business back on track if you are caught by Spam Traps once. Therefore, make sure that you are not caught.

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