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Sending emails has been an essential part of effective marketing strategy. Everyday you send different types of emails to move your leads down the funnel and turn them into prospects. Make sure your emails are not delayed or lost in spam folders.

Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are one-to-one emails that are sent basis action taken by users. These emails are often expected by the users and enjoy excellent open rates.They are of various types and include: password confirmation and reset, receipts and invoices, order confirmation, order tracking email etc.

Exploit the power of transactional emails:

  • Establish/strengthen brand trust
  • Deliver sensitive content to subscribers
  • Encourage opt-ins with buyers who are not yet subscribers to your newsletter or service

Newsletter Emails

Newsletters are emails sent to subscribers with content of the latest happenings on your brand. These emails are sent at regular intervals and serve as a simple but powerful way of reminding them of what you offer.

Utilise newsletters to :
Latest info on your blog

Keep your readers up to date on the latest info on your blog or website

Drive engagement



Start subscribers down
the sales funnel with
a clear call to action


An important tip to note when composing newsletters is to always include content the reader will love. No reader will pay attention if he doesn’t love or need your content.

Triggered Emails

Triggered Emails

Triggered emails like the name suggests, are emails that are sent to subscribers when certain events or conditions are fulfilled. There can be different types of triggers, ranging from event based triggers to time based triggers to behavior based triggers. Examples of triggered emails include - cart abandonment, payment reminders, weekly digests, etc.

Triggered emails offer the ability to:

  • Customise fitting responses to your audience’s actions.
  • Provide various transactional assistance to help the process go seamlessly and smoothly.
  • Engage with new subscribers

Cart abandonment emails are a great marketing tactic. Make sure to send your first email after an hour of abandonment.

Notification Emails

These emails are used to inform subscribers of any immediate change on your website or platform.

Other email types could be notification type emails too, e.g. a transactional email telling the user of the progress of his order. Other examples include: comment notification emails, payment notification emails as well as account notification emails.

Notifications allow you to:

  • Remind subscribers of important details they might have missed.
  • Keep subscribers up to date on changes on their accounts.
  • Provide an avenue for engagement and interaction.
Notification Emails

A very useful tip on sending notification emails is to remember that it is technically not a marketing tool and should be direct to the point.

Autoresponder Emails

Autoresponder Emails

These are emails that, without human input are sent as responses to emails or inquiries sent to a particular website or address.

In this sense they are similar to triggered emails as well. They are sent, as a response to a trigger (the received email or inquiry).These emails include out of office emails and thank you emails.

Autoresponder emails when used well help to:

  • Engage your subscribers to ensure that they receive value even when you are away.
  • Provide immediate assistance especially when you have a very clear definite answer for that inquiry.
  • Offer upsells and leverage your reach to convert while you are one.

Lead Nurturing Emails

Use lead nurturing emails to convert your subscribers to paying customers. This emails are very important as they allow email senders and marketers to guide prospects through the various steps of the sales funnel.

Educational emails, offer emails and how tos are really great examples of lead nurturing emails.

Lead nurturing emails help:

  • To promote brand relationship with their subscribers (who are potential buyers).
  • To convert your subscribers to paying customers.
  • To offer free content and tips to help the audience become more open to buying in future.
Lead Nuurtuing Emails


We work in healthcare. We use Pepipost to send confirmation emails, emails with e-tickets, cancellation emails, emails with polls. The benefits are simple API integration, Price, simplicity, support and open credits.

Vladyslav Shut, PHP Developer at LabITeam, Ukraine Vladyslav Shut,
PHP Developer at LabITeam,

Pepipost enables me to securely send e-mail from my newly built website to the internal sales inbox. The domain verification process is fairly extensive, this gives me great comfort that security is a number 1 priority.

Darryl Crossley, Technical Director at Ashton Law, United Kingdom Darryl Crossley,
Technical Director at Ashton Law,
United Kingdom

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