Why do you need an Email Delivery Service?

It is not difficult to send an email. Your standard Gmail account lets you send 500 emails per day and an exchange account helps you with 30 emails per minute.

Soon your business grows and now you wish to send emails in millions! But even with a free and open source SMTP, you would face technical challenges that can have a huge impact on your business. An Email Delivery Service helps you with their robust infrastructure and makes sure your emails reach your recipients in time.


Why Pepipost is a perfect email solution for your business?

There’s more than what meets the eye. Pepipost’s Email Delivery Service offers you more than deliverability.

  •   Fast Email Delivery in less than 5 seconds.
  •   Assured Inbox Delivery.
  •   Real-Time analytics to measure your success.
  •   Powerful Integration with language of your choice.
  •   Economical pricing as our advanced technology should benefit all businesses from a start up to a giant entity.
  •   Scalability to tackle a huge volume of emails with efficiency.


What’s our secret to Inbox delivery?

AI-Powered Email Delivery Service

Unlike other email delivery service, the Pepipost email delivery engine runs on Artificial Intelligence to understand the customer’s behavior and every minute signals coming from the ESPs. According to Return Path’s Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, 21% of opt-in emails never it to the inbox.

That’s a very huge number! We ensure that emails are delivered to users Inbox by diagnosing email issues, security, monitoring spam blacklists and proactively working with large ISPs to resolve issues. Almost everything happens in real time behind the scenes.


Good Sender Community

It’s not just the technology that can deliver emails to inbox but a high reputation and reputation can’t be purchased, it needs to be built.

Pepipost’s infrastructure is currently one of the highly reputed infrastructures for sending emails.

Pepipost is a platform which is been used by top good senders across the globe- Senders who send an email with a very high open rate. In fact, we have experienced customers with a 70-80% open rate on our platform too.

Our amazing emails come with incentives for the senders and we do not charge anything for emails which are opened. A Win-Win situation for everyone!

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