With Pepipost, you get the advantage of viewing the live summary report
of email delivery rate, bounce, open, and click metrics in an absolute real-time basis.

Deep insights into every single email

90 days of complete email activity history

Pepipost provides a searchable 90 day activity feed for all your email campaigns. With robust analytics & insights into each and every email you send, you'll know it all.

You can segment data by tags, dates or specific events and access a full history of messages sent. If your email bounces or if a customer cannot find their email, you can get detailed insights into email delivery and engagement.

Live Feed

Tag-wise Reports

Have you ever compared the open rate for your welcome emails to that of your payment receipt emails ? Do you know which type of emails are being reported as spam by your users? Would you like to understand why your billing notifications are bouncing?

With Pepipost, you can attach multiple tags to your emails allowing you to categorize emails. For example you can classify emails as registration, billing, transaction etc. and generate reports for different email tags.


Subaccount Analytics

Use our Subaccounts feature to seamlessly manage multiple accounts, all under one parent Master account. As an agency or a business with multiple units, you’ll be able to add different sending domains and allocate email credits to each Subaccounts. This way, you don’t just eliminate the complexities of credit and billing management for numerous accounts, your Subaccount users also get the advantage of individually tracking their email performance. Each of your Subaccounts can access live reports on email requests, delivery, opens, clicks, bounces, abuses. In order to see statistics for a Subaccount, all you have to do is select the Manage Subaccount option in Settings and get going!

Benefits of Subaccount


Real-time data with Webhooks

Be in sync with your subscribers’ activity and get real-time information on email events such as email delivered, opened or bounced. All you have to do is provide a Call Back URL to receive data about events happening on your email campaigns, and we’ll send it to you as the events take place.

Know more about Webhooks


Suppression Analysis

Get the know-how on why your emails are not performing - Are emails bouncing? Is it a soft bounce or a hard bounce? Did recipients hit the unsubscribe button or have they reported abuse? Pepipost assembles all of the sending history for each recipient and auto-suppresses delivery so that your future campaigns won’t get affected.


Bounce Notification

You don’t want your emails to bounce. If they do, you want to know whether the recipient email address is valid or whether the mailbox was full. You can receive bounce notifications to a specific address by enabling the “Bounce Notification” feature in your Pepipost account and defining the forwarding address.

Setting up Bounce Notification

Bounce Notification

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Been using Pepipost for a while now, definitely the best transactional email service I have used. The dashboard is so nice too, and actually what won me over. Love the live feed.


on XenForo

We just ditched SendGrid for Pepipost and saved almost 80 dollars a month. So far so good. I really enjoy the dashboard.

Brent W

on XenForo

Good email service provider for transactional emails. The best prices and very easy to get started. Statistics and reporting are also very powerful and helpful.

George Krash (Pigogo.gr)

on Trust Pilot