Email Marketing Playbook

Email Marketing Playbooks have been around for a while but this one’s different. This is not just another ebook that promises overnight success. Rather its an honest attempt to refresh and rethink email marketing.

This ebook is definitely not...

A rehash of the content we see repeatedly; the 10 top campaigns you need to do; the 5 best ideas in email; my favorite subject lines

A perfect bible to run these campaigns on your platform. You will need to apply them to your platform and your data

A big marketing concept to sell more of our products.

A bunch of marketing copy, synergy blah blah blah, high level nonsense that sounds genius but doesn’t mean anything.

Email plays a role in every organization. It could be the lifeblood, driving revenue with every email sent. It could be the best way to retain customers or deliver loyalty rewards. Whatever its purpose, the owner of the channel should be thinking about how to improve it.

Our inboxes are filled with vendors who promise to turn customer emails into amazing engagements, and the latest trends are evident in every email we open from our favorite brands. Subject lines filled with emojis and tiny images; gif images that never stop playing; videos that may or may not play in the email; carousels of content; site navigation; surveys within emails; countdown timers; the list is endless. What is most interesting is that many of these same marketers trying to be a “cool kid” are missing some basic elements that I would consider requirements.

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