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Last updated : 13-09-2018

Zapier and Pepipost Integration: Integrate your Zap with Pepipost SMTP!

To connect your email account to Zapier using SMTP, click to connect a new account in Step 2 of your Zap. We have provided a detailed outline to assist with your Zapier and Pepipost integration:

Step 1
Zapier is a web automation app. With Zapier you can build Zaps which can automate parts of your business. A zap is a blueprint for a task you do repeatedly.

Using a Zapier and Pepipost Integration, it will help you stay notified for every trigger that is available on Zapier. You can now easily automate your email communication and hyper-target your customers. No code. No hassle.

Step 2
You can create a Zapier and Pepipost Integration by watching the below video tutorial:

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