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Last updated : 13-09-2018

Integrate Your Pabbly Email Marketing Platform with Pepipost SMTP to deliver emails!

Here are the steps to connect your Pabbly account with Pepipost SMTP to deliver emails at scale:

Step 1: Login to your Pepipost account.


Step 2: Once you’re logged in to your Pepipost account, move to the “Sending Domains” section under the “Settings” tab.


Step 3: Now add the domain through which you want to send emails and get it verified by adding SPF & DKIM records.


Once your domain is verified, it will reviewed by Pepipost Compliance Team. Once the domain is approved for sending email, you will receive a email notification. Also, the status of your domain will be change to "Active" as shown below in the screenshot:


Step 4: Now under the “Settings” tab, move to the “Integrations” section.


Step 5: Under the “Integrations” section, you will get the Username and API key which you need to put in your Pabbly account.



Step 6:  Now login to your Pabbly account. Move to the “Delivery Engine” tab and click on “Add Delivery Server”. You can now put the Username and API that you got from your Pepipost account.


Note – The “From Email” must be the sender email address associated with the domain that has been verified in your Pepipost account.

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