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Last updated : 02-08-2020

Integrate Pepipost with Ongage for fast email delivery!

Ongage is a vendor-agnostic email marketing platform where you can use one dashboard for all operations and send emails using your favourite ESP/SMTP provider. The purpose of this document is to help you integrate Pepipost as an email delivery channel on Ongage.

Here are the steps to integrate Pepipost with Ongage:

Step 1: Log in to Pepipost & Get the API credentials
Login to your Pepipost account. Go to Settings (Gear-Wheel) icon on left menu and then click on Integrations to get the API key.


Step 2: Updating the Pepipost API details on Ongage
The next step is to update the Pepipost API key on Ongage. Login to your Ongage account. Navigate through "Vendors Settings" and click on "ESP/SMTP Vendors". In the Cloud SMTP vendor list, select Pepipost and click on "Save & Next" at the bottom of the page.

Paste the API key which you got from Pepipost application. The API URL will be


Step 3: Updating the Pepipost SMTP credentials on Ongage
Go to the same Integrations tab in Pepipost, and under the SMTP relay section you will get the SMTP details.

Copy the SMTP user name and password from the above SMTP relay screen and update the same on your Ongage Pepipost connection.

SMTP host: Enter your Pepipost SMTP hostname. e.g.

SMTP Port: You can connect via unencrypted or TLS on ports 2525, and 587.

SMTP Username: Enter your Pepipost Username

SMTP password: Enter your Pepipost Password


Step 4: Updating sender domain details
The next step is to configure your sender domain on Pepipost and update the same domain on Ongage for sending emails.

Goto Settings --> Sending Domain, to add the domain which you want to use as a sender while sending emails. Note: You need to complete the verification and approval process on Pepipost, before using this on Ongage.

Helpful links for Pepipost sender domain addition, verification and approval process:

  1. How to setup a domain on Pepipost:
  2. How to verify a domain using SPF and DKIM on Pepipost:
  3. To know more about the domain approval process, please refer this link:

Step 5: Update the Sender Domain on Ongage

Once you're done with the above step of domain addition and approval on Pepipost, you can use the same sender domain on Ongage. Any of your verified domain on Pepipost can be used in Ongage. As shown below, please update the sender domain under your Pepipost connection screen:


Step 6: Verifying details and saving connection on Ongage

Once the above details are filled in the Ongage connection, click Verify Credentials to make sure the details are correct. Once credentials are verified, please Save the connection to activate the Pepipost connection in Ongage.


Note: You won't be able to send emails from Ongage using a sender domain, unless the same sender domain is verified and approved under your Pepipost Login.

Step 7: Sending your first email campaign

  • Go to Campaigns > Campaign Overview and click on "New Email Campaign" button

Step 8: Enabling the Open and Click Tracking
To enable and white label the open and click tracking domain for your emails, please ensure you have completed the domain settings. For setting up the domain, please follow the Getting Started screen on Ongage and choose the option "Setup Domain".
Alternatively, hover over "Your Name" at the top right corner and click on the "Tracking and Image Domains". You need to have two CNAME records pointing properly to set up the Tracking and Image sub-domains respective.


We hope this document is helpful when integrating Ongage and Pepipost. In case you have any questions, please feel free to reach out on our 24x7 live chat support or write to us on

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