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Last updated : 26-05-2016

MODX and Pepipost Integration: By default, MODX will use the SMTP service on your web server to send emails, using PHP Mailer.

Although this normally works fine, there may be times your SMTP service might fail. It could crash, or a mailbox could be temporarily out of action. This could cause several spam complaints against your site's IP address. Find out how you can leverage a MODX and Pepipost Integration to deliver your emails seamlessly!

Pepipost integrates easily with MODX. Here are the steps to use SMTP Service on MODX via Pepipost:

Step 1
Go to System Settings > Mail area in MODX

Step 2
Enter the following details:

SMTP Authentication – Yes
SMTP Hosts –
SMTP Password – Your_Pepipost_Password
SMTP Port – 587
SMTP Connection Prefix – tls
SMTP User – Your_Pepipost_Username
Use SMTP – Yes

The following image shows these settings.


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