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Why Developers Love Us

We understand you like no one else.

1. You dislike bad product as much as you dislike a bad product manager.

Bad code is a programmer’s biggest frustration. Our developers have spent days tirelessly narrowing down every small bug so your experience with our product is good. And we’ll continue to make it better.

2. No documentation or worse yet badly written documentation puts you off.

We understand your plight of having to go through confusing, badly organised and/or outdated documentation. You’ll find self-service documentation  extremely helpful and user friendly. So learning about our platform is a piece of cake.

3. You hate anything that wastes your time and energy

Tracking should be fast. And easy. Our smart dashboard and live reports are highly customizable. This means you can visualize data and monitor metrics you want in real time.

4. You have many other things to do.

Sending emails to the inbox is a priority, but not exactly your job. Our team is dedicated to maximize inbox placement. So get on with your work while our email experts take care of your emails.

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Reyhan Mujezinovic

CEO, Rara Motors doo

Rara Motors doo

Pepipost helps me do my business with great quality and the most important thing my customers are satisfied


Iman Hejazi

CEO, Shift Marketing Agency

Shift Marketing Agency

What I like best about Pepipost is High Deliverability, Great Support and Pricing Plan.


Monika Vishwakarma

Director, Soluzione IT Services Pvt Ltd

Soluzione IT Services Pvt Ltd

I am happy to use Pepipost. They also are very prompt in responding and resolving issues. Support team is excellent.


Thomas Evans

COO, EmailOctopus


Really interesting model. Definitely encourages good customers, meaning you have to worry less about deliverability. I like it a lot.


Igor Akulov

Entrepreneur, Marketer & UX geek

Marketer & UX geek

Thumbs up for the pricing model. Very liberal to start with, but also extra encouraging to constantly optimize open rates.



Creative Director, RedTape


Very interesting way to incentivize non spam

Top 3 things everyone loves about Pepipost

You don’t have to worry about inbox delivery

The only ESP to offer 24X7 live Developer Chat support

Disruptive Pricing of not charging for emails opened, ever

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