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Why Developers Love Us

We understand you like no one else.

1. You dislike bad product as much as you dislike a bad Product Manager.

Bad code is a programmer’s biggest frustration. Our developers have spent days tirelessly narrowing down every small bug so your experience with our product is good. And we’ll continue to make it better.

2. No documentation or worse yet badly written documentation puts you off.

We understand your plight of having to go through confusing, badly organised and/or outdated documentation. You’ll find self-service documentation  extremely helpful and user friendly. So learning about our platform is a piece of cake.

3. You hate anything that wastes your time and energy.

Tracking should be fast. And easy. Our smart dashboard and live reports are highly customizable. This means you can visualize data and monitor metrics you want in real time.

4. You have many other things to do.

Sending emails to the inbox is a priority, but not exactly your job. Our team is dedicated to maximize inbox placement. So get on with your work while our email experts take care of your emails.


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Top 3 things everyone loves about Pepipost

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You don’t have to worry about inbox delivery


The only ESP to offer 24X7 live Developer Chat support


Disruptive Pricing of not charging for emails opened, ever

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Wall of Love

Words straight from the heart

Pepipost is a good, solid product that is well-designed and executed.

- Simon Perry, Media Publisher, United Kingdom

What I like best about Pepipost is High Deliverability, Great Support and Pricing Plan.

- Iman Hejazi, CEO at Shift Marketing Agency

Best ever support and services, very responsive and quick. Package setup within minutes, Site is really user-friendly and it is easy to navigate. The layout is very clean. It makes you feel comfortable with the site because you don't feel overwhelmed by information.

- Kamran S., WordPress Guru Freelancer

This free support is the best I’ve ever received, making the customer a winner. I’m one of many satisfied customers!

- Ing. Diego Pineda, Webmaster at Mdcolombia

I must say.. Pepipost is awesome stuff! Set it up tonight for a new upcoming coming project and Jenny helped me every step of the way via live chat. Very friendly and helpful. Having to deal in the past with support for Mand***l and Mail**n for clients and dealing with Pepipost was a much better experience. They really treat you like a customer, not just another user id.

- Mike Edge on Xenforo

Pepipost enables me to securely send e-mail from my newly built website to the internal sales inbox. The domain verification process is fairly extensive, this gives me great comfort that security is a number 1 priority.

- Darryl Crossley, Technical Director at Ashton Law, United Kingdom

We use Pepipost for sending all e-mail notifications, about 10000 per day. So far we have nothing to complain, support is great, the price is ok and the e-mails go to inbox and not spam.

- BettorsClub on Trust Pilot

While other services make you pay for each email sent, Pepipost's philosophy is that email conversations should be free regardless, this way the pricing model is built around paying for emails that are not open. So it's up to you to make quality emails and make as much users as possible to open them in order to pay less.

- Endi Sujak, Review on Slant

Been using pepipost for a while now, definitely the best transactional email service I have used. The dashboard is so nice too, and actually what won me over. Love the live feed.

- Solidus on Xenforo

We just ditched Send***d for Pepipost and saved almost 80 dollars a month. So far so good. I really enjoy the dashboard.

- BamaStangGuy on Xenforo