Everyone likes to do comparisons, but sometimes its difficult to make sense of it.

We know where we shine, so who better to ask than us? We’ll be objective, we promise! And to help you keep score, download our checklist of things to consider, from your organization requirements to detailed capabilities.

A Quick Pricing Comparison between Pepipost and the Rest

Pepipost Sendgrid Mailgun Sparkpst Max Annual Saving
150,000 $25 $67 $109 $49 $1,008
400,000 $85 $200 $325 $290 $2,880
600,000 $145 $200 $370 $350 $2,700
1,000,000 $245 $535 $515 $474 $3,479
2,000,000 $445 $925 $915 $974 $6,348
Over 2,000,000 Contact us to learn about our high-volume plans.

Comparing functionality

You can take a quick view of some competitors comparisons, by using taking a look through our SendGrid and Mailgun comparisons.

Things to Consider When Comparing ESP's Functionality

Download this PDF with a list of things to consider when comparing transactional email providers, who deliver through SMTP and API.

Your Environment:

  • Get a list of integrations and see if your software and tools are pre-configured
  • Consider whether you need a campaign management function, to create emails, pull lists or create segments
  • Make sure you understand whether you need an SMTP-Relay or API and choose accordingly. Find out more about that here

Ease of Use:

  • Make sure you open a free account or ask for a “sandbox” to get a feel for how easy it will be to use
  • Is there support available 24/7?
  • Is the support free? If it is included in some plans but not others, when does it kick in?


  • Find out if the ESP will help you with migration; real help, not links to documents
  • Find out if the ESP will help create an onboarding warm-up plan

Deliverability Support:

  • Look for deliverability expertise and availability of support for inbox delivery
  • Is deliverability support included, or do you have to pay extra at consulting rates?


  • Take a close look at the support options; whether you have to pay for support or if it’s included only at certain volumes of email
  • Is the support handled by the company or outsourced?
  • Look for any hidden fees and check overage policies
  • When you look at CPM pricing, don’t compare apples to oranges. Make sure that you consider support, reporting, consultative help, etc.


  • Check on the availability and depth of the reports; ask to see examples
  • Find out if the reports are real-time, or you can expect a delay (some ESPs have a 24 hour or more delay)

Migration Guides

If you need additional information on migration for SendGrid, Mandrill or Amazon SES, take a look at the following links.

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