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Ways to Partner with Us

You can become a Pepipost partner in multiple ways. Choose the program that is right for you. If you have any questions, just contact us. We're open to hearing your ideas!

  • Solution or Platform partner—use Pepipost within your platform. You can send transactional emails to your clients or client’s customers
  • Great for companies that send a lot of transactional emails. Send reminders, updates, status changes, confirmations, etc.
  • Referral partner—refer your clients or associates to Pepipost and receive a referral fee based on their billing for a period of one year. Current customers can access our customer referral program inside the Pepipost portal. Check out our Affiliate Marketing Program.

Benefits of becoming a Pepipost Partner

  • Free Trial Period for Customers
  • Tailored Onboarding Plans
  • Continual Inbox Monitoring
  • Email Consultants to Improve Inboxing & Engagement
  • Customized Reporting and Engineering
  • Redundant Backup Infrastructure
  • Exclusive Pricing
  • Access to Content Resources, and Sales Support
  • Co-marketing efforts

Just send us a message today! We’d love to have a discussion and see how we can build a mutually beneficial partnership!

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