In early 2015, we started Pepipost with a single mission—

To help developers and enterprises send transactional emails in the most efficient way and at the most disruptive pricing ever. Our mission has never changed.

How Did It Begin?

It all started over a cup of coffee, at one of those Friday “buddy meets” at our office. It had been a long and stressful day. A big client of ours was facing email deliverability issues and they weren’t the only ones. We’re developers (we don’t sleep), we spent late nights doing everything we could think of, but we knew we were fighting one giant monster. After all, a startling 50% of emails were going directly to the Spam box in 2015, and that rate was even higher in previous years. If there’s one thing that developers look for today, it’s having a reliable platform that ensures legitimate emails don’t get trapped in the spam folder.

What started as casual conversation quickly turned into big ideas. With the caffeine kicking in, we were all geared up to turn ideas into reality. Sending emails to the inbox became our mission. Pepipost was born! And who better to represent this mission than a Superhero – Pepi!

Our philosophy is to keep the email ecosystem clean by encouraging good sender practices.

It’s been an exciting start for Pepipost, and our journey has just begun.


Our Mascot Pepi Is Famous!

Pepi has won love and recognition from across the world. People just love to dance and take pictures with him. Pepi has attended many international events and stole the show at some prestigious ones like Web Summit and Tech in Asia.

What’s Coming?

We’ve already integrated artificial intelligence into our platform, and we’ll continue to look for new ways to leverage AI and ML into our platform; all in the quest of our values and philosophy of good email sending.

We enhance our platform continually. We are platform investors; we’re never sitting still or relying on our current platform to carry us until the next big release. We encourage our customers to give us suggestions, and we’ve taken a quite a few!

Over 50,000 Satisfied Customers...

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Ready to get started?

Get started with up to 30,000 emails/month free!


Ready to get started?

30,000 emails free for first 30 days.

Then 100/day free forever.

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