The first thing to know about us?

We send transactional and marketing email through APIs and SMTP Relay. We do this by connecting our platform to your campaign management system, app or website. The next thing to know is that our focus is on deliverability and good email sending.

Our philosophy is simple: if everyone keeps their email ecosystem clean, emails will be delivered. And to reward our customers for their good sending, we created a disruptive pricing model. We reward our customers by crediting them back each month for every email that is opened!


What does that mean for you?

We go to the extreme to keep spammers out of our servers. That means our shared and dedicated IP's are solid and clean. The Internet Service Providers love us for this reason.  Just moving to us will be a good first step! Then we take the time to guide you—developers and marketers alike—on what good email sending is, so that you can maintain the deliverability you achieve during warm-up and continue to improve it. That’s right—free help!


Our Parent Company

We were built as a start-up inside the Innovation Lab of Netcore Solutions. Netcore is India’s leading Marketing Technology Company that offers solutions for enterprises that redefine Digital Marketing & Enterprise Communication, located in Mumbai, India with global locations across the world. We have strong financial backing and we’re here for the long haul.



Our headquarters are in New York, NY, USA with offices in Mumbai, India. Our servers are located in Philadelphia, PA, USA; Singapore; Frankfurt, Germany; and Mumbai. Contact us for more information.

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