With Pepipost, you can receive bounce notifications to a specific address in an absolute real-time basis.

Email bounces can be annoying

There may be multiple reasons why emails bounce – a non-existent email address, change in email address or a full mailbox. You don’t have to worry about them when you choose Pepipost. Sit back, relax and take advantage of our real-time bounce notification feature that helps you manage bounces better and control email delivery


We remove the complexity from email bounces

As an email sender, your goal is to reduce and maintain the number of bounces. And as your partner in email delivery, we help you achieve just that. While most of our competitors only capture email bounces, we go a step further and notify you every time an email bounces so you can improve your email performance in real-time. But just knowing email has bounced isn’t enough. You’ll need to know the type of bounce so you can respond and act accordingly. At Pepipost, we classify bounces into hard bounce and soft bounce.

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Taking care of hard bounces

A hard bounce is a permanent delivery failure that occurs due to variety of reason such as -

The recipient’s email address is missing or invalid.

Non-existence of the recipient’s domain, unknown recipient, error in typing the recipient’s email address.

Blocking of your mail server by the recipient’s mail server, or any kind of network glitch at the recipient’s end.

This is critical and needs to be addressed at the earliest. To ensure that emails are not sent to incorrect addresses, we drop email addresses with incorrect syntax and do not make any attempt to deliver these emails to protect your email reputation.

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Tackling soft bounces with ease

A soft bounce is a temporary delivery failure that can occur because of the following reasons -

The recipient’s mailbox might be full.

The recipient’s mail server is down for some reason.

Mailbox is abandoned by the user.

Pepipost has in-built systems that will retry delivering emails that are a soft bounce. Too many failed attempts at delivery might transform into a hard bounce.

Real-time Bounce Notifications with Pepipost

You can setup real-time bounce notifications either via email or by creating a Webhook.

Receive Bounce Notifications on Email

To get a bounce notification you need to navigate to Settings -> Bounce Notification → Turn button ON.

Share your email address.

You are all set. Once bounce forwarding within your account is enabled, each time a bounce occurs, the system will automatically notify you. It will forward a bounce notification on the email address, which you have set for bounce forwarding.

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Setup a Webhook

Navigate to Settings → Webhooks.

Mention a callback URL for your webhook to receive bounce notifications in your application.

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