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Which one is best HTML or TEXT Emails ?

September 7, 2015

This is a common question in lots of marketers mind. Our recent studies says plain text emails increases opens and clicks!

Plain text emails doesn’t means that it is completely plain text, it can contain hyperlinks, tracking pixels, and so on.

Generally email experts suggest to design HTML email. Same answer from many receipents. But we were not convieneced and continued our research on this.

Majority of people said they prefer HTML emails over plain text. But their level of activity shows otherwise!

Interesting finding, what we believed was true. HTML emails reduces clickthrough rates. One would think that more graphics would actually increase conversions, the reverse happened.

The reason is clear, email is still largely a one-to-one communication tool, and emails that look more personal will out perform and connect with the subscriber better. And Text emails perfectly does that.

I would still encourage you to do split AB test before concluding on anything.

Please do share your findings and learnings.

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Dibya Prakash Sahoo|The Business Guy