What do YOU want for Christmas this year?

What do YOU want for Christmas this year?

Posted under Company , Startup on December 24, 2015

We, at Pepipost, celebrated our first Christmas as a company on the 23rd of December, 2015. At our Lower Parel Office in Mumbai, the Pepi team, along with a few of our well-wishers had gathered for an afternoon of joyous celebrations to bring in the festival of the birth of Christ Jesus.

Something we had been looking forward to for a while now, the morning of 23rd was like any other. Our team came in and as usual, began work in the morning. However, as the clock inched towards 1 o’clock, the energy within our office began to change. There was excitement in the air and nervousness on our faces. As it was our very first Christmas celebration, we were at the liberty to make our own rules and form out own traditions. With this enthusiasm flowing in our blood, we began our preparations for our very first Christmas celebrations.


While some of us went out to bring in food and other goodies that we would require like cake and cold drinks, the rest of us enjoyed ourselves while decorating the office. In just a little while, red inflated balloons were strewn all across the office floor and we couldn’t help but play with them.


After this, we set up the customary Christmas tree and dropped chocolates all around it for our guests to pick and choose. We also bought a cake, because…


Later our guest begins to stream in and they were pleasantly surprised to see how we had set up our first celebration. With Christmas carols playing in the background, some of them even wore the head piece of our mascot and shook a leg. We clicked many pictures so as to be able to remember this afternoon of “FIRSTS” for a long time to come.


As this afternoon came to an end, the Pepi team retired back to their office which had just seen so much of fun, frolic and activity. We sat discussing how the afternoon went and why we chose to celebrate Christmas. “This festival has definitely fascinated us. Also, since a majority of our clients celebrate Christmas, we wanted to celebrate it as well, so as to make it known to them that not only are we just in business with them but so that they can relate to us and see us as friends more than a certain service provider.”

Another reason was that because we, the staff at Pepipost, comprise of individuals from different back grounds and various religious traditions. We wanted to make sure that everyone felt as being part of our team. We find and share each other’s happiness, which is our driving force.

Similarly, we, at Pepipost, would like to extend heartfelt Christmas wishes to every single one of you. We are all part of a big family and we wouldn’t have got what we wanted for Christmas, had it not been for you! Without your support and trust in us, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve all that we have today.


Also, for more information on our cloud-based email delivery platform, shoot us at support@pepipost.com


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