The trick to customer engaging emails

The trick to customer engaging emails

Posted under Email Best Practices on January 14, 2016

Well, then, look no further!
This series of articles should help answer some of those questions.

Let me begin by asking a few questions.
– Who are YOU?
– Who are these people that you are sending your emails to? Your customers.
In today’s interconnected and ever growing world, your customers are not remote and unavailable to you as marketers of our product. They exert immense influence on strategies and various other methods that you implement. Therefore, it is mandatory that a relationship is fostered in between you and your customer.

In order for you to be able to send truly engaging emails, it is necessary that you first build your relationship with your customer.

Think of this relationship as how a gardener tends to a new rose plant that he has just planted. It takes effort and dedicated hard work for the little sapling to blossom in beautiful flowers. In this scenario, you are the gardener and the little sapling is your relation with your customer.
Taking this example, let’s see how you could foster this relationship.

Step 1: A certain rose sapling is bought by a gardener. He then plants the sapling into the mud and covers it with mud and manure and begins to water it a little by little.

  • Your customer has just bought an article from your site or has signed up for certain services. You begin by sending them introductory emails explain the benefits and other services that they are entitled to after having signed up with your company. This is a series of emails that you send in order to familiarize the customer with your presence in their daily life now.

Step 2: Everyday, the gardener waters the plant and tends to it so that it grows in the direction of the sun. It grows with ample sunlight and water and other necessary ingredients. Slowly but steadily, the little sapling is growing.

  • Sending your customers frequent, personalized emails that cater to their tastes and needs, you are helping your relation with them grow into a fully fledged active company-customer relation. This means that they know of your existence and are happy about the service that you provide them with.

Step 3: Finally, the sapling has grown and blossomed into a magnificent rose and the gardener takes care of this rose as his prized possession because he has taken so much of an effort to nurture and grow it.

  • Similarly, every relation that you embark on should be one that you look to make your best. Due to your constant efforts and understanding how your customer works, the customer now trust you and looks forward to emails you send him for the constant updates on things and services that he likes. Because what you give your customer is what you and your company will gain back in return.

Everything that ensues in this relation between you and your customer will be in the virtual world. Therefore, you must be extra vigilant about not upsetting your customer. And it is a well-known fact; humans are moody. Hence, every step you take must be careful and calculated, so as to not risk your chance of losing a customer.
In today’s constantly connected world, your brand must move on from merely communicating to your clients to actually having conversations with them.

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