Style hacks for you transactional emails this holiday season

Style hacks for you transactional emails this holiday season

Posted under Email Best Practices , Transactional Email on December 17, 2016

It’s here! It’s finally here! It’s the season of Holiday Emails!

The season of shopping and sales is finally upon us. And as consumers, people are always willing to click on an extra email, look for an extra chance to save when buying something. Christmas themed emails will soon begin to arrive in customers’ inboxes. And it’s not just the marketing ones that can make noise and get festive.

Transactional emails don’t have to be boring!

They see them every day, click even and yet we put in the least efforts when designing these transactional emails. This festive season, let’s re-work on our transactional emails and delight our customers. With a few styling hacks you can give your transactional emails a new lease of life.

1. Spice them up

Christmas icons, a splash of color and a dash of some fun fonts …it doesn’t take much to change the way a normal transactional email looks. These small changes can make huge difference. In today’s world, where it’s either make or break with our marketing strategies, having a colorful, eye-friendly email works wonders for those sales. Try Christmas templates that are well within your brand colors. Not only will this make your emails seem more festive, it will also instantly forge a connection in between you and your customers.

holiday season transactional email

2. Try Emojis in Subject line

It’s a well-known fact that emojis have taken over the texting language in today’s world. More than words, emojis are used to express emotions ranging from love to sadness and even situations like being asked out on a coffee date! Emojis are soon turning out to become the new alphabets and it is up to us to keep up with the times! Therefore, we should, as service providers, provide our audiences with a culture that they are a part of. Insert emojis in the subject line of your transactional email. It will not just strike a chord with your clients, it will change the way they view your order confirmation or shipment emails.

holiday season subject lines

You could try adding these Christmas emojis even in the email content. However, beware, if you overuse it could backfire.

3. Don’t forget the Email Preheader

Majority of consumers today look at who has sent an email and the first line, also known as the preheader, before they actually open and read the email. Add Christmas flavor to your preheader instead of having a normal, run of the mill opening statement.

4. Optimize the footer

Notice how brands now-a-days get more action (read clicks) from their transactional emails? Noted transactional emails have to be, well, mostly about the transaction but you could use this opportunity to cross sell/ upsell. Add a small footer about your upcoming Christmas loyalty club or your ongoing promotion.

holiday season email footer

5. Planning in advance

Since it’s the holidays, it would keep you in good stead to have stocked up on the different kinds of emails that you may require; recommendation emails, Out Of Stock emails and Replenishment emails amongst various others. This will leave you with more time during the busy season.

6. Now’s a good time to start welcome series (if you haven’t already)

Christmas is the time when almost everyone is making purchases online, checking out the best deals.  You can expect a lot of new customer footfalls on your website during this period. Sending welcome emails (and offering discounts to encourage them to make the much anticipated first purchase) will help make a good first impression about you.


Hopefully these examples will dispel the myth that transactional emails are boring. Get started and give the much needed boost to your transactional emails this holiday season.Save





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