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Being a part of the cyberspace, you must be using transactional emails for your application on a daily basis. Despite its basic nature, it has many more advanced features which you're probably unaware of. The free and intuitive transactional email service is the one with powerful APIs and supports lots of progressive features. The email usually doesn’t get the attention it deserves and thus with the help of modern email service providers it becomes easy to create first-rate transactional email experience for the users. So, it is very important to come with an end-to-end analysis of transactional email service to realize its relevance.

What is Transactional Email?

A transactional email is a type of email that is generated by a user on a website or a mobile app. It is known to facilitate an agreed-upon transaction existing between the sender and the recipient. It is a method of customer communication which contains automated and real-time messages sent to the user through email. Therefore, sometimes it is also referred to as triggered emails or automated emails. The transactional emails are usually sent programmatically with the aid of an API or SMTP server.

The information required by the recipient and that have a very high open rate or critical to the customer experience are sent through transactional email. The common transactional email includes password resets, purchase receipts cases include, account creation emails, account notifications, social media updates like a friend and follower notifications and welcome emails.

Transactional email vs. Marketing Email

Transactional email, on one hand, is a type of automated email concerning a sender and a recipient. They are generated in real time by the action of a specific user and are sent on on-off basis. Whereas the promotional or marketing emails come as one-to-many communication for promoting a product, sale, service or an event. But at the same time, these marketing emails are not user-driven. The transaction emails contain the information requested specifically by the user and have a higher open rate compared to email marketing campaigns.

While transactional emails are capable of fulfilling the marketing needs by recuperating of the abandoned carts or re-activating inactive users, promotional emails are chiefly functional and deliver an expected response to an action or a request recipient makes. Unlike marketing emails distributed in bulk of the same marketing message to multiple recipients concurrently, transactional emails aim to be more personalized and classically sent to individuals one at a time.

Relevance of Transactional Emails

There are many relevant goals of sending transactional emails to a recipient one of which is to direct connection and communication of the valuable information to customers. After all, the customer demand services are of great importance for the customer experience that begins with communication.

The transactional emails have a significant impact on the customer to drive positive customer relationships.

Developing customer trust- With transactional emails, customers feel safe for there is an interaction between business personnel and customers by cooperating with each other. Such kind of emails eliminates customer concerns.

Boosting customer engagement- Transactional emails service a one-to-one approach thus inviting interaction leading to the better social media engagement and higher customer contribution in surveys.

Stimulating additional sales- Using transactional emails, marketers can send product ads relevant to customer’s purchase of products.

Fostering brand recognition- Transactional emails are the best way to present the brand’s elements to grab the attention of the client which in turn ensures remembrance of business in the future by the consumer.

Transactional emails not in Spam- One of the good application of transactional emails is that you can integrate your own system and then begin sending emails. It offers additional features including email building templates so that your emails look good to the customers.

Who sends transactional emails?

Most businesses conduct transactional emails or app-generated notifications in several forms that include user invites, delivery receipts, account creation notifications, and much more. Several SaaS businesses implement these transactional emails by directly embedding an email delivery service into an application or website. This is achieved through an email API integration that gives product teams the control on how they communicate with customers via sent email from their app or website.

Choosing the Right Transactional Email Service

While surfing online you will come across a lot of email service providers in the market that offer almost similar services. This adds to the confusion. So before you make your choice you can consider the following questions.

  • Does that ESP send transactional emails exclusively?
  • What is there average inbox deliverability?
  • Do they support SMTP and scalable APIs?
  • Are their emails delivered in less than 3 seconds?

Pepipost- The intuitive Transactional Email Service

The free and instinctive transactional email service comes with powerful APIs and advanced features. One such popular and note-worthy transactional email service provider is Pepipost. It offers service for transactional emails and provides two options for sending emails. One is SMTP relay and other Web API. Apart from that, the provider does not store your emails and practices email protocols like SSL & TLS encryption for protecting your data.  You can also integrate the provider with the apps and platforms you are using already.

Features of Pepipost

  • Send 30,000 free emails every month.
  • Get cashback on all emails opened.
  • Real-time notifications.
  • Live reports of how and when the APIs deliver your emails.
  • 24/7 live chat support.

How Pepipost handles Transactional Emails?

The transactional email service provided by Pepipost makes business building easy, along with convenient sending and monitoring of their transactional emails.

  • Provides tools to track real-time data that completely hassle-free.
  • Helps in increasing your email ROI.
  • It uses email protocols like SSL & TLS encryption for protecting your data.
  • Send emails using SMTP or HTTP API that takes only a few minutes to integrate and send your first email.
  • Pepipost suppresses email hard bounces and sends an automated message
  • Allows monitoring of bounces at your end as well maintaining a high reputation score as a sender.

Pepipost Features

Pepipost delivers your emails fast and directly to the inbox. It is rich in features that evolve continuously on the basis of customer reviews. Let’s see some of the most talked and genuine features of Pepipost.

API and SMTP Integrations

Pepipost lets you set up SMTP relay in minutes because it is a cloud-based SMTP email service provider. Send emails without any worry of the email servers. You can send the email in less than a second after 5-minute integration. Simply by changing the authentication settings and specifying the SMTP server you can send mail.

Also, Pepipost’s customizable integration with Email API becomes perfect for your transactional emails. You can also easily set up the Send API and send your transactional messages. Get integrates with the support from multiple client libraries like Node.js, Perl, Ruby, Python, and PHP, Java, and C #.

Artificial Intelligence

Pepipost with the help of Artificial Intelligence allows sending millions of emails in a day. Transactional emails need speed and hence success metrics are important. With settings like the number of parallel connections opened per sender, the speed of email delivery, and the prioritization of certain emails is possible.

Account Notification Emails

With the web or mobile app, one needs to consider the way you will notify or alert your users of important activities in the background of the app. Thus transactional emails cover a huge range of notification use and serve to maintain the relationship with your brand.

Efficient Email Platform

With just a few simple steps you can send transaction emails to your list. All you have to do is Sign-up for Pepipost and connect through SMTP or API. After setting up integrate their platforms to work together on board.

Monitor Your Email Performance in Real Time

With Pepipost you can access your send statistics in real time that include the number of emails delivered, clicks and open rates. It allows you to keep track of any bounces and blocks so that you can address any errors instantly.

They have support for Live Feed dashboard designed where you get access to the email activities of customers.


Using Webhooks, get full control of your email activities. You can configure webhooks/call back URLs for every event like delivered, open, clicks, unsubscribe, bounce, etc.  Also, you will get instant answers to your questions on email delivery and engagement.

Wrapping Up!

Businesses use transactional emails for confirming an activity or in the form of a notification. Companies these days use transactional emails for building customer trust and increasing customer engagement. Transactional emails since are open and therefore serve as an added opportunity for brand interactions. So if you are searching for the high-speed delivery of your email then Pepipost as the transactional email service will suit your needs at an affordable price. So give it a try.


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