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Tech in Asia is just around the corner. Are you jittery? Want some last minute info, well here, last minute pep talk!

For those who don't know what is Tech in Asia Conference, then let us do the honours of introducing one of the widest platforms of introducing start-ups, an online community of Techs where more than 50% of speakers hail from countries other than India. A platform where fresh faces and technology ensembles together.

We know such massive tech conference is one of the pet peeves of start-ups especially one as huge as Tech in Asia Conference. There are so many questions that buzz around startups as they are unaware of what is to be done and what not.

Fear not, start-ups,  Pepipost is here at your rescue, but before we start the mission rescue we would like to ask what would you possibly benefit from attending such Summits?




You know according to Bill Gross’s findings, funds only contribute 14% in making the start-up a success. If you have kept Funds as your priority, then just like many other start-ups who will be a part of the crowd but never the face. Now, we are not saying that you won't be getting any of the benefits mentioned above, you would be, what we are trying to enunciate is that many start-ups follow the sheep culture and hunt only for the trivial things. Dear startups, why be satisfied by the pond when you have a majestic ocean at your disposal?

Turning poetic, are we? What we meant is that we totally get how difficult it is for start-ups for setting their foot in the hyperactive market and especially when other monster organizations have established their supremacy.

Now, this where this conference would be a great help for you.


Well, the conference as giant as Tech in Asia conference means the presence of media, now the presence of media means your very own PR event without breaking your bank and sweat and attention and opportunities would swarm around you like honey bees.

We know it is hard to believe for many, but we have been there and done that and came out with flying colors and not to mention that tech conference was global, so it is like 20% harder than this one. We attended  Web Summit at Dublin.

Imagine our plight, when it was just after a few months of incorporating our company, we decided to attend the Summit. We missed the last date. We had no game plan. No blog to guide us nothing, but as the saying goes “if you can't find the way, make one.”

And, that is what we exactly did. We knew if we waited for opportunities to come to us, it would most likely never come, so instead of playing the waiting game; we went after opportunities, but in this whole process, we didn't make funds as our top most priority. We went there because we wanted to meet people like us, who were daring enough to try something which was not only risky but also incongruous. To dump the secure job which you had in your hand and do something completely independent sure requires guts, if not vision.

We wanted to get connected with new people. We wanted network; something that is paramount for an establishment which is still growing. As you see, it could either make or break your firm. We wanted people to remember us, to recognize us. We wanted to burn our presence and leave its mark in the history of the Web Summit, and for that, we formulated three step plan.

1) Recognition.
2) Interaction.
3) Entertainment.

We didn't wait for people attending the event to approach us.  We approached them. Before the Summit, we had made sure to secure the data of all other entrants and did our homework. We interacted with them on every possible medium of social media before the event. So as to make people recognize, we do exist.

Once that was done, in two days of the event, we tried to interact with almost as many startups as we could. We did not just go there and pitched our product, that is something done by everyone, so instead of doing that we interacted with other people.

Startups are often in a dilemma that attending such tech meets is useful.  Trust us, they are. We know for some it may be an arid topic, but that's where the true talent lies, isn't it? To make something very uninteresting, to something very very interesting.

As we mentioned earlier Tech meetups are rather dry, we tried to spice it up. We took our mascot and dressed our self in the costume of our mascot one that was very similar to Santa's. We danced. We made others dance as well. We grabbed their attention.

We would have gone crazy, and we are sure others would have too if we just continued to work monotonously. So hence we took it upon ourselves to entertain others. What did we gain? We caught the attention of the organizers of the event. We got interviewed by  Startup van. The organizers of mentioned about us on their blog. People started recognizing us. To be more precise, we made our brand and promoted it with every medium available at our disposal and just with that we received business and potential customers without doing any actual sales pitch.


So you see startups, in such conference like Tech in Asia, everyone would be on the top of their game. You will be at war with other start-ups. You need to be prepared too. We are not saying to copy our idea or follow our foot steps, but it can be an example for you to set your plan in motion. Basic pointers would be

1) Do Your Homework.

2)Know Your Target audience.


4)Make an Impression.

5) Interact

6) Be Different

With this, you can steal the show. We, the team of Pepipost are looking forward to meet you; our booth number is 153. Let’s catch up.


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