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By March 27, 2018

How we use Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

Pepipost delivers 200+ Million emails a day. That’s a lot of email for a humble…

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By February 22, 2018

AMP for emails, next big thing on email after email?

Email may seem archaic but it’s still the preferred channel of communication. Emails remained static…

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By October 26, 2017

All about Email Throttling

What is email throttling? Email throttling in simple terms is an ISP limiting/controlling the intake…

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By April 27, 2017

Email Autoresponders – Unsung Heroes of Content World

Just wonder if someone is always available for you, for every action of yours there’s…

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By February 24, 2017

Anti-Spam Techniques at Different ISP Level

Anti-Spam Techniques Anti-spam techniques can be broken into four broad categories: those that require actions…

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By February 14, 2017

Email Best Practices to prevent Spam Complaints

Email Best Practices In the digital marketing scenario, the best key of deliverability is the…

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By February 10, 2017

Wearables Era: Email is not dead (yet). But is it future ready?

With big names jumping into the smart watch market, it seems that wearables have announced…

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By September 26, 2016

Zero budget, high impact marketing – Pepipost’s 100 Million idea

It’s the most crucial quarter of the year – the 4th fiscal. That time of year…

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By September 9, 2016

Pepipost comes up with a 100 Million Idea

More. That’s the one word that gets us all moving. How do we get more…

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By August 31, 2016

Are you measuring the success of your transactional emails?

Transactional emails are emails that are always welcomed by customers/subscribers. These emails give them the…

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