New Feature: Subuser Management

New Feature: Subuser Management

Posted under Product on June 15, 2017

Did you notice anything new on your Pepipost dashboard today?


The much awaited Subuser Management feature is now live!

Our developers are hard at work building new functionalities and features in Pepipost to make things effortless for you. Subuser Management feature is one step closer towards simplifying your account management.

Let’s know more about Subuser Management

What is Subuser Management?

With the Subuser Management feature, you can add multiple subusers with different sending domains under one parent account (called master account). You can then allocate individual email credits to each of the subusers.

There are two types of accounts:

Master (parent) account: Master account is the primary account where you can create, manage subusers & allocate them email credits.

Permission and Features of a Master Account:

  • Master can enable/disable, delete subuser account and also manage subuser credits
  • Master assigns email credits to subusers from its own emails credits
  • Master can add up to 15 subusers

Subuser (child) Account: Subuser accounts are the child accounts of Master Account whose email credits are supplied by Master account. Each of the Subusers have their own unique account settings, SMTP credentials, statistics, and login.

Permission and Features of a Subuser:

  • Access to all features and live reports (email requests, delivered, opens, clicks, bounce, abuse)
  • Use email credits of Master account (which is also shared to other subusers)
  • Cannot create another subuser
  • Can add multiple domains

Who should use this feature?

Subuser Management feature is perfect for you if –

  • You are a service provider (like CRM software company or Agency, etc) having multiple customers
  • Your company has multiple business units which function independently
  • You want to maintain different accounts for different category of emails (newsletters, time critical emails which are purely transactional and non-time critical emails)

The benefit

Subuser Management feature will allow you to add multiple domains of different clients under single account and offers the following benefits,

  • Account Management: You don’t have to create new account every time for every client you onboard
  • Credit and Billing Management: No Complexity of processing payments for multiple accounts as you can pay through a single account  (Master Account)
  • Reputation Management: Each of the subuser accounts are mutually exclusive and do not depend on each other for reputation

How much do I pay for the Subuser feature?

Subuser Management feature is available for FREE to all Pepipost customers till 31st July 2017, post which it’ll be available for only paying customers.

How to create and manage Subusers?

Here is a step-by-step guide to create and manage Subusers.

Step 1: Once your domain approval process is completed, navigate to Settings –> Subuser Management in your Pepipost account.


Step 2: Click on Create Subuser


Step 3: Fill in the following details:

Email address: An active contact email address of your subuser

Username: The username your subuser will use to send emails

Password: Password your subuser will use to access Pepipost panel

Confirm Password: Confirm the above entered password

Step 4: Click on Submit

How to allocate email credits to Subusers

Master Account can allocate his email credits to subusers in two ways:

  1. Recurring Credits: You can automate email credits to each of the subusers on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis.
  2. One Time Credits: You can manually allocate a specific amount of email credits to each of the subusers as and when needed.

What if you allocated extra no of emails by mistake?!

Yeah we all make mistakes, but none that cannot be corrected 🙂

You can take back the wrongly allocated email credits by using the ‘Add/ Delete Credits’ option.


*Note: The Subuser Management feature is in Beta stage and enhancements are being made on daily basis to give you a flawless in-app experience. We would truly appreciate your contribution through feedback and suggestions to improve the user experience.

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