The only way one can grow their business is by keeping customers happy, getting more referrals from them and focusing on acquiring new customers. I recently witnessed one new strategy - Price Increase! Definitely not a recommended one, but this strategy is being followed by lots od SaaS Companies! The recent one following the herd is Sendgrid.

So What is all the fuss about Sendgrid Pricing?

We saw an email which was received by a Sendgrid user and it says something like this:

"As a valued SendGrid customer, we would like to inform you of an upcoming price change to SendGrid’s Essentials plans, effective January 1st, 2019. This change reflects ongoing investment in our infrastructure, products, and services, ensuring that we continue to provide you with a best-in-class experience.

Your Essentials 40K plan price will change from $9.95 per month to $14.95 per month. Please note, this pricing will be in effect for new customers on December 1st, 2018, but as an existing customer, we’re providing you with additional notice in case you have any questions. Your January bill will reflect these changes."

Customers for sure don’t admire price rise:

sendgrid_price hike

Stop Overpaying For Your Email Delivery, Say Hello To Pepipost

Pepipost is AI-powered email delivery, which not only helps user Inbox better but also has a competitive edge of pricing over others. Pepipost was born with a single mission to build and service the worlds largest good email sender community.

Sendgrid Pricing vs Pepipost Pricing Plans

Don't Believe Us? You can save upto 50% of your Monthly Cost just by switching to Pepipost!



And it's not just about the price, you get so much more when you switch to Pepipost! Have a look at what few of our customers have to say!

Source: Trust Pilot
pepipost_review_2Source: G2crowd
Pepipost_reviewSource: Xenforo community

With Pepipost you also get Speed, Scalability & Transparency

Speed is a priority when it comes to triggering time-sensitive emails. To ensure we deliver each email in less than 5 seconds, we have invested in a globally distributed infrastructure, which one can't get even at high Sendgrid Pricing.

We have deployed our SMTP & API servers globally at multiple locations. We can serve your email sending requests from the nearest location to reduce network latency.


Migrating to Pepipost from Sendgrid is - Simple and Easy

Moving from one ESP to another is not easy, a lot of elements play an important role in delivering your emails to Inbox. To ensure you don’t face any problems technically we have extremely simple and easy to use migration guide.

We also have Sendgrid compatible API where you don’t have to change anything in your code, just change the endpoint (eg.from to and enter your API key and that's it. You are ready, Up and running.

We hope that you can leverage great inbox delivery without making a hole in your pocket like our 20,000+ customers. Happy Inboxing.

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