The right first impression with email. First impressions matter a lot!

The right first impression with email

December 3, 2016

First impression matters a lot

When you meet someone for the first time, you try and make sure that it won’t be the last. First impression matters a lot. You prep up for the first meeting with client, making sure you don’t make any mistakes that can prove costly. It’s no different in the world of emails. With more and more businesses moving online, it’s important to make a great first impression online. Email is where you ‘meet’ your audience online. Ensure your online communications are in tune with customer expectations.

In this blog, I list out the few essential ‘right impression’ emails that every brand must send.

Account Confirmation Email

Creating an account and subscribing to your brand is the first big step a customer takes in his customer journey. When creating an account is part of your business, ensure you make it a novel experience by sending out an account confirmation/ activation email. Asking customer to verify (double opt-in) is also one of email best practices. That said, confirmation emails needn’t be boring. Add your brand element and essence to it so it creates a long lasting impression, because this email is the very first your customer will be receiving from you.


Welcome Email

Building a website is like building a home. A visitor who arrives at your doorstep would be received with a warm welcome. But are you doing the same with your online customers who’ve come knocking on the doors of your website that you’ve painstakingly built? These emails have the highest open and click rates. According to the studies welcome emails generate 320% more revenue than promotional emails.


Order Confirmation

Your customer is always subconsciously assessing your product/ service at every interaction/ customer touch point. And as far as interactions go, purchase is one of the most critical in the customer journey. Sending out an email as soon as a purchase is done will instil credibility and reassurance. 64% of consumers consider transaction confirmations the most valuable messages in their inbox. And setting up these emails isn’t tough either. Platforms like Betaout help you automate these emails and also optimize readability and user experience.


Password Reset Emails

A customer revisits your website, forgets the password and requests for a password reset. This simple action of his requires an instant response from your end. Creating the right impression depends not just on how promptly you send these emails but also how you ensure it doesn’t land in spam.


Transactional emails are often missed opportunity. Following the 80/20 rule (80% of your emails must be transactional and only 20% must be promotional) will help you create better customer experiences and help maintain the right impression about your brand.

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Sita Kalluri|Brand Storyteller